If You Love Barbie, Check Out This Amazing Themed Cafe in Yokohama!

  • Barbie is, no doubt, a popular doll around the world. Its popularity in Japan can be seen in many Barbie-themed stores and shops. When it comes to cafes, many of them are just pop-up in nature, which means they are only open for a specific period of time. So, it’s a good thing that a cafe dedicated to Barbie aesthetics can now be permanently visited throughout the year in Yokohama!

    Pink Holiday is a cafe where you can enjoy pink things from interior decorations to food. Everything inside is pretty wonderful! If you are a lover of Barbie or want a fun nostalgia trip, check this unique place out!

    How Pretty is the Cafe?

    Pink Holiday was opened in 2015 by Ms. Hisano Ise but it was relaunched due to relocation issues on November 3, 2017, in Yokohama. Ms. Ise a self-acclaimed Barbie collector who truly loves the beauty of Barbie. She has been collecting Barbies for a long time and thought about sharing how beautiful Barbie was with Japanese people. This is the main reason why she opened the “Pink Holiday” cafe.

    Around 250 Barbie dolls are on display, and they are usually switched every season. Some dolls are vintage and modern while others are rare. The cafe has been intricately designed to look very pretty. It has included so many cute details making the whole space stand out. Aside from dolls, you can also find Barbie magazines, photographs, and toys. You are free to touch all of them while you’re inside the cafe. You can even play dress-up dolls if you want!

    The Pink Dishes

    It doesn’t come as a surprise that Pink Holiday serves pink dishes. They serve usual foods such as pizza and pasta but they come in a pink color! Take a look at some of the pink dishes you can try together with their corresponding prices:

    Pink Holiday Curry (1,500 yen)
    Pink Giant Pasta (1,300 yen)
    Pink Rum Chowder (600 yen)
    Pink Caesar Salad (1,000 yen)
    Pink Junkie Fries (600 yen)
    Pink Bagna Cauda (1,200 yen)
    Jerk Chicken Plate (1,500 yen)
    Gaparolice Plate (1,500 yen)

    Though dishes come in pink colors, they come in usual flavors. They are just well-crafted and presented in a fun manner. They also have other items on the menu such as fondue and desserts like colorful cupcakes, pancakes, and parfaits. They also offer original Pink Holiday drinks in different colors (pink, red, blue, green, orange and purple). Each drink costs 750 yen. Just like other cafes, you can also order draft beers, whiskey, shochu, liqueur, soft drinks, and coffee.

    Many people who visit this cafe celebrate their birthdays with friends. They normally order the most popular item on the menu which is the “Doll Cake” (3,500 yen). Alongside this is the “Surprise Service” where you can surprise the birthday celebrant with an original doll cake. You can choose all sorts of cute designs. Take note that the cake is not for take-out. Another popular aspect of the cafe is the “Barbie Box” where you can act like a real Barbie doll and take some memorable photos!

    The cafe is open from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM. It is open all week, even on Sundays. It is also just a one-minute walk from Keihin Kyuko Hinomori-cho Station, making it very accessible.

    Whether you are a big fan of Barbie or not, you will surely love Pink Holiday’s exciting concept. The cafe accepts guests with children and babies. You can also bring along some baby foods. Besides being aesthetically appealing, Pink Holiday is an interactive cafe where you can play with Barbie dolls while catching up with friends. If you visit the cafe in every season, you’ll get the chance to see many of Ms. Ise’s rare Barbie dolls!

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