Check Out This Brand New Ramen Restaurant in Meguro!

  • Ramen, though originally from China, is a noodle broth dish that is hugely popular in Japan. As well as the regular chain restaurants with their own flavours and styles as well as national favourites, there are many stand-alone establishments as well that you can find all over the country. Sometimes, they are run for decades over generations. These are well loved by locals and they often come up with their own varieties that people like to enjoy again and again.

    Near my house in Gakugei-Daigaku, a brand new ramen restaurant called Kyouzenmen Shouki opened in November 2017, to much anticipation. Although there are several ramen restaurants in the area already, this new place piqued our curiosity. As huge fans of all kinds of ramen, we decided to give it a try and see what this new brand had to offer.

    Kyouzenmen Shouki

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    Shouki Ramen opened in November 2017 and is open for both lunch and dinner. It looks small from the outside, but it actually has around twenty seats around counters and is spacious and welcoming. Despite being brand new and having a lot of visitors, we only had to wait around ten minutes to get a seat. As with many ramen shops, you choose what you’d like to eat from the machine and then give the ticket to the staff.

    The Menu

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    You can get various lunch sets for between 1000 and 1300 yen, and tsukemen lunch sets are between 1000 and 1330 yen. It’s extra if you’d like a larger size and you can also get various toppings such as green onion, seaweed, and an egg for 100 yen each. Alcoholic drinks are also more affordable than most establishments in the area, with Carlsberg beer and Jim Beam highballs starting at just 380 yen.

    I ordered the tsukemen set for lunch and we took our seats in front of the pristine kitchen. We could see the staff preparing the noodles and the broth in there as well as communicating with each other. It’s always a good sign if the kitchen is visible because it means you know it’s clean.

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    For the 1300 yen I spent, I had a large and very delicious tsukemen meal. There were various condiments available such as spicy togarasu and black pepper. The noodles were tasty, the chunk of pork I got was tender and delicious when dipped into the broth, and the soup was hearty. The rice dish, the karamiso-don, was tangy and filling. Shouki also served regular ramen with a slightly sweeter broth. As you’ll find in most restaurants like this, iced water was free.

    Overall, I really enjoyed this ramen experience and plan to visit Shouki again! At such affordable prices as well as a friendly atmosphere, which you don’t always get at ramen shops, it’s quickly becoming one of my favourite restaurants for Japan’s noodle broth dish. If you’re in Meguro and feel like eating yummy ramen, tsukemen, and meat on top of rice, don’t hesitate to visit Kyouzenmen Shouki, just a few minutes on foot from Gakugei-Daigaku Station on the Toyoko Line.

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