Check Out These 2 Fashion Icons that Shaped Current Harajuku Style in Japan!

  • Fashion trends change at a fast speed in Japan, especially in the fashionable area of Harajuku. No matter how iconic a trend is and how much we love them, they don’t last forever. There will always be new ideas coming from an open laboratory of creative young people. This keeps the prevailing street style in Harajuku alive.

    The only question which now remains is who these creative trendsetters are and how they influence the overall health and direction of Japanese street fashion. Take a look at two of the most interesting fashion icons which have shaped the street fashion of Harajuku in the current generation.

    1. FANATIC Girls

    FANATIC Magazine is a popular Tokyo magazine which provides information about colorful Japanese street fashion. Behind this are the fashionable college students of Bunka Fashion College. This school has played a significant role in shaping Japan’s fashion culture. The students who contribute to the magazine are called “FANATIC Girls.” These girls focus on the colorful concept of street fashion.

    Their experiments are more conceptual than the common fashion which young girls wear. Their goal is to preserve the history of modern fashion in Japan. Nevertheless, they respect every person’s unique fashion creation. They still believe that it is significant to express yourself according to your own personality rather than following famous people’s fashion trends on social media. They want people to broaden their horizon when it comes to “self-expression.” They have also provided a means (such as on social forums) in order for young students to develop their skills and be responsible for Japan’s future fashion culture.

    FANATIC Magazine Instagram page

    2. Aiba Runa

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    Aiba Runa is a creative director and designer in Harajuku. She has her own popup shop called RRR by Sugar Spot Factory. She is also popular on social media, particularly on Instagram. She has more than 90,000 followers on Instagram. It is said that before becoming popular, she started by presenting unique pictures of her room, fashion style, food, makeup, and other kinds of art.

    Many of her fans spend money on her creations. One of her brand clients is the YouTube star Kemio, who is known for his personal, everyday life vlogs (video blogs). Her pop-up shops attract a lot of young girls who are willing to buy her goods. She is also known for expressing her admiration for popular fashion designers such as Raf Simons, a Belgian furniture and fashion designer.

    You can check out the RRR Show Room which is 15 minutes from Harajuku Station. It has a lot of items such as shirts, skirts, and iPhone cases. Most of her items are vintage in nature, along with colorful quirky accessories. As a famous Harajuku model, Runa has always considered staying true to the Japanese kawaii culture and incorporating it into the new generation.

    Aiba Runa Instagram page

    RRR Website
    RRR Access

    It’s no wonder that Harajuku is a leading area of street fashion in the country. It has been kept alive with the existence of creative fashion icons like the FANATIC Girls and Aiba Runa. If you are one of those youngsters who’s experiencing the freedom of fashion in young adulthood, you’ll surely love walking along the streets of Harajuku. It is a place where young and passionate fashion lovers experiment their street styles before graduating from college.

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