After Samurai Spiderman, Check Out This New Japanese-Inspired Marvel Superhero!

  • Japan’s obsession with superheroes is nothing new, and it has reached a different level with many MARVEL characters getting a Japanese makeover and being unveiled, thus garnering much attention. The spread of fan culture across borders has enabled this idea of re-envisioning famous pop-culture characters from the West.

    The well-known toy company from Japan, Bandai, has been coming up with cool superhero characters which resemble a cross between American and Japanese cultures. They are the ones behind many movie characters which have been inspired by samurai warriors, including Boba Fett from the evergreen franchise – Star Wars, Spiderman, and others.

    Samurai Spiderman

    Bandai’s toys are known for their very interesting and captivating designs that can attract fans of all age groups. They have lined up their unique collectibles that are based on movie and manga realizations under one sub-brand called ‘Tamashii’. Be it Spiderman or Darth Vader, there is a Japanese version of it released into the market that you must get into your personal collection right now!

    The soul and effort put into realizing these thermoplastic figurines is beyond remarkable. For example, let’s take their famous toy, the Samurai Spiderman, that invokes a feel of modern pop-culture elements recapturing Japanese history.

    You can make this 6-inch spiderman with impressive red samurai-type armor and helmet wielding an awesome ‘katana’ (a very sharp and long battle sword), and a ‘tanto’ (a small sturdy knife), pose according to your wishes, as some of the parts of the toy can be reconstructed. Apart from that, Bandai`s Samurai Spiderman has a cool hook and chain attached to his hands that allows him to gain access to forts or attack enemies like a ninja.

    Captain Japan

    We all must have heard about MARVEL`s next successful superhero character that fights enemies like a badass, Captain America. Bandai has come up with another cool toy that resembles ‘Cap’. This is ‘Captain Japan’, and it is just as cool as the original character.

    The body is equipped with layered armor which is blue with a detachable star on the chest that can act as a weapon. His waist has belt-like gear with a ‘tanto’ on the front and a side scabbard to hold a ‘katana’, which is very similar in design to how a Samurai would look. The shield which is depicted both as a defense and a weapon in the original comic book and movie, is shaped in the form of a royal chrysanthemum.

    The interesting part of Captain Japan`s costume is his helmet, that looks awesome with wings on the sides. If you are a history buff, you must have noticed that samurais used to wear very intimidating large helmets. Overall, the figurine looks spectacular with very cool attention to historical details. It also helps people to understand samurai and Japanese culture in general in the form of their favorite superhero characters.

    Where can I buy it?

    If you want to get hold of the 6.9 inch Captain Japan figurine, you might have to check Bandai`s specific page for more details here. It seems that the pre-ordering ended in October 2017, and if you have already ordered, you will have them shipped around January 2018.

    The cost, as per the website, is stated as 9504 yen, and the pre-ordering allows one person to buy up to 12 figurines per order. If you haven’t pre-ordered, you can wait for the continuous production or second shipping, or look for resellers on eBay and other sites.

    There are also plenty of other movie and manga figurines to check out on Bandai`s ‘tamashii web shouten’ here, or the tamashii line’s specific page here, including some cool superhero and robot ones. However, do note that the original shipments might slightly differ from the ones you see in the pictures, in terms of color and other specifications.

    Do get yourself a Bandai figurine as they are extremely cool with really spectacular features! The world has received the news of the release of Samurai Spiderman with much wonder, and the same is being repeated for Captain Japan!

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