The Top 10 Vegetarian Cafes and Restaurants in Tokyo

  • Being a vegetarian while traveling or living in Japan can sometimes be daunting as vegetarian meals are not as ubiquitous as other delicious meat and seafood-based delicacies like yakiniku, karaage, sushi, ramen, and many more. So here is a list of restaurants for my vegetarian friends who wish to have scrumptious meals in Tokyo that are vegetarian, yummy, and not just limited to green salads!


    This cafe has a variety of reasonably priced options on their vegan menu such as the popular “Yogi Burger” with a mock meat (soya) patty, vegan chicken nuggets, various beverages, and delectable homemade sweets. It is a few meters away from Inokashira Park, which can be an ideal place to eat after grabbing meals from DEVADEVA CAFE.


    2. Chien-fu

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    Chien-fu is the Roppongi branch of Nakaichi Soshoku Ten, a Taiwanese vegetarian restaurant in Kunitachi. This restaurant has a delicious variety of items on their menu that are meat- and fish-free, and that contains soya mock meats and a lot of greens for all the vegetarians out there. Their weekday lunch sets for 950 yen are a great value for money as you can choose four different dishes and eat to your heart’s content.

    Chien-fu Website

    3. NATARAJ

    This Indian restaurant offers a plethora of vegetarian dishes with the perfect flavor of Indian food – a little spicy, tangy, sour, and overall delicious! Try one of their popular North Indian options at their Ginza outlet or any other one in Tokyo.

    NATARAJ Website
    Access (There are many branches, but we will introduce one of them here.)

    4. Crayonhouse HIROBA

    This restaurant offers a good range of vegetarian options, both Japanese cuisine and Western-style cuisine. Try one of their wholesome, healthy dishes which are mostly made of organic ingredients.

    Crayonhouse HIROBA Website

    5. Kuumba du falafel

    This is another restaurant that is not only vegetarian-friendly but also vegan-friendly. Close to Shibuya Station, Kuumba du falafel is bustling with people who walk in for filling falafel sandwiches which are full of tasty hummus, lettuce, and other greens.

    Kuumba du falafel Website

    6. meu nota

    The antique furniture and the old-world charm of the ambiance at meu nota is a perfect setting to grab their meat-free and innovative dishes like mock taramasalata, vegetarian taco rice, and many more vegetarian items with an interesting and refreshing twist.

    meu nota Website


    Another vegetarian- and vegan-friendly restaurant that serves 100% raw food without any additives or chemicals as preservatives. Bite into their specialties like raw pizza, salads, bagels, and many more dishes that use organic ingredients.


    8. Annam Indian Restaurant

    This Indian restaurant located in Ginza has a wonderful selection of vegetarian and vegan options to satiate your cravings for delectable meat-free Indian food. Quality food, amazing flavors, and the helpful staff make this place worthy of repeat visits to have naan, curries, dals, and more Indian fare made with veggies and lentils.

    Annam Indian Restaurant Website


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    This small cozy cafe offers gluten-free meals whipped to perfection. Various options for vegetarians like pizza, pasta, pancakes, parfaits, and salad make for a good lazy Sunday brunch, lunch, or even evening snack! No wheat is used in any of the preparation, hence making it a must-try for people who prefer gluten-free food.

    LITTLE BIRD Website

    10. CAFE Today is my life

    This cafe’s unique ambiance and friendly and warm staff are added advantages to the delicious vegetarian menu offering they have. Various international menu items inspired from different cuisines like cheese samosa, dill cranberry potato salad, garlic toast, Mexican quesadilla, and many more options are great to try and experience various cuisines in one place in Tokyo.

    CAFE Today is my life Website *Automatic translation available

    The next time you’re wandering around the streets of Tokyo and craving for a hearty vegetarian meal, do check out these places. They will completely surprise you with their delicious meat-free food that is healthy, filling, and easy on the pocket. Tokyo surely is an amazing food paradise even for vegetarians!

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