Want to Treat Yourself to a 3000 Dollar Japanese Beef Bento Box? Check This Out!

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  • Many people know bento as an inexpensive quick lunch option that is perfect for working professionals, retirees, students, and many other people. You can easily find these lunch boxes pretty much anywhere in Japan, and there are many shops selling them in major cities abroad. Known for their taste and quality as well as their affordability, bento has become very popular as an attractive meal option.

    Now, have you ever asked yourself what a premium bento box would look like? There is a top-notch beef bento box that would satisfy an entire family or even more, and it costs a whopping 3000 U.S dollars! Check it out!

    Wagyu Beef

    Many people may not know, but Japanese beef is one of the best beef types in the entire world and is recognized by many meat connoisseurs and associations. There are some beef types which are more famous based on the region they hail from, especially Kobe Beef, which you might have already heard about. It’s not just the breed of the cow that makes the meat more delicious, but also the way they are raised.

    Wagyu Cattle are taken extra care of, to yield meat that is deeply marbled and enriched with a healthy fat to meat ratio. There are a few superior quality beef types besides Kobe Beef, for example, Matsusaka Beef, which is acquired by slaughtering only some selected cows that meet the standards. Did you know that each of these premium cows is assigned a unique ID, and it is impossible to sell their meat without a proper license and quality check in Japan? This makes Wagyu beef special and of course, a bit more expensive.

    The 3000 Dollar Bento Box

    Even though there are many Japanese beef varieties that could be regarded as the best based on individual preferences, there is one premium type from Tottori which is given star status by the venerable Wagyu Registry Association.

    One famous food delivery service attracting major attention and interest is called Gochikuru, and it has set up a rare offer until the end of March 2018 which allows customers to order a wooden beef box consisting of approximately 9-pounds of Tottori sourced meat of different parts of a premium cow. The beef is arranged in location-specific compartments that altogether resemble a cow diagram, thus representing the exact cuts. So, you get to taste each and every part of the cow, from tongue to tail! Each compartment has not only the meat but also exotic Kinu Musume Rice underneath which is grown mostly in Tottori Prefecture.

    You will not find any veggies in this box apart from some seasoning sauce which tastes like a mix of wasabi and pears, which, by the way, is made with ingredients sourced only from Tottori. As grand as it sounds, this bento box will take nearly two weeks to be prepared and delivered if you order it!

    Meal Sharing

    It is nearly impossible to finish this bento box in one go, and it is recommended that it is shared with family and friends. Also, the price tag includes a mind-boggling 194 USD (approximately) consumption tax, which would normally be enough to have a month full of lunch supplies! Invite your colleagues or friends over to enjoy this high-quality lunchbox, which is nothing short of a feast wrapped in a box!

    Would you try this when you are in Japan with your family or friends or just by yourself? Although expensive, it is actually a great gift to give to a group of people, as it comes in a very nice 23.6-inch wooden box and aesthetically arranged pieces of meat!

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