3 Gorgeous Themed Japanese Summer Sweets

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  • The aesthetic for Japanese sweets

    Summer is on its way, and who does not like a refreshment or something sweet for those who have a sweet tooth?
    There are plenty of varieties available, so let’s find out your favourite ones!
    Basically, you can choose between Japanese sweets and foreign sweets. There are those, which are a mix of both, but usually it is either one of it. Mizu Yokan or Jelly sweets are popular wagashi (和菓子), watermelon, peaches or tomatoes (!) are common healthy approaches and last but not least there would be kaki gori (かき氷), shredded ice with flavoured syrup as a really cold alternative.
    The aesthetic has high importance in almost every aspect of Japanese culture, no wonder that Japanese sweets are usually tiny pieces of art. However, with these beautiful new kinds of Japanese sweets it is ensured, that those who can indulge in them will take some time to have a closer look and appreciate the amazing design.
    No matter if you intend to get these sweets for yourself of as a gift, pleasure and joy is ensured!

    1. Sky themed Japanese sweets

    Look how beautiful they are. Can you see the stars?

    From Kyoto:

    Ama no Gawa

    Ama no Gawa (milky way「天の川」) has a particular detailed gradation and a very intense deep blue colour. It can be purchased directly from Kyoto in their webshop.
    Ama no Gawa Website*Japanese Only

    Hoshi zuku yoru

    Hoshi zuku yoru ( starry night, 星づく夜) is another masterpiece from Kyoto, with star powder and a moon inside.

    Kameyakiyonaga sweets shop*Japanese Only

    Kumo no mine

    Kumo no mine (雲の峰) really looks like a cloud has been captured. Don’t you want to dream forever when looking at this sweet?

    From Sendai:

    This one is from Sendai and has even gold particles in it!

    From Shimane Prefecture:

    This cute interpretation of a milky way can be ordered from shop, which is in Shimane prefecture.
    Saiundo sweets shop*Japanese Only

    2. Fish themed Japanese sweets

    The Japanese lady Miki Nagata made these beautiful「Mini Aquarium Jellies」and「koi carp jellies」.

    Carp and goldfish are definitely the most popular sort of fish in Japan!

    3. Water themed Japanese sweets

    From Kyoto:

    Being pastel coloured these sweets look like jewellery!

    Seiryu Meguri (清流めぐり) means clear stream and those seem to be like water being captured into a cube.