Try These 2 Absolutely Delicious Japanese and Tex-Mex Combinations!

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  • Imagine having two of your favorite cuisines mixed up to give you some awesome mouth-watering dishes! Both Tex-Mex, an abbreviated form for Texas – Mexican, and Japanese cuisines are popular around the world. Be it tacos, sushi, or frijoles, you are going to love the combination of these items in what can be called a rare ‘Japanese Tex-Mex fusion’.

    Fusion dishes and restaurants have really taken on a world of their own as they have become more and more popular in recent years. Try to get your hands on these two wonderful combinations which you can find in many places around the world!

    1. Taco Rice

    If you are wondering what fusion food looks like, you have to head to the tropical paradise of Okinawa in Japan to try this special dish, namely the Taco Rice, or ‘takoraisu’. Okinawa, as we all know, has long been a major cultural center with lots of Chinese, indigenous, and Western influences.

    The United States has a strong presence in the form of a military base in this region as it is a strategic geopolitical spot where conflicts could arise. Believe it or not, there are actually chain restaurants in the name of ‘King Taco’ in Okinawa where you can get a box full of American style ground beef served together with rice, cheese, and vegetables. Ever since this dish came into existence in 1984, it has gained much popularity and can be referred to as a classic fusion food that won`t disappoint you.

    So, Okinawa is famous not only for ‘goya chanpuru’, an authentic bitter gourd dish, but also ‘takoraisu’, which can be found easily there in any market or food-court. Matsuzo Gibo, who has passed away, will be remembered forever for this amazing invention and operating a separate chain of restaurants dedicated to it. Due to its popularity, you can find Taco Rice in many different place in Japan!

    2. Norigami Tacos

    Mixing ‘nori (seaweed)’ and ‘origami’ together, Norigami Tacos is a one of a kind establishment originating in Los Angeles, USA. California, as we all know, is home to many Asian Americans and there are many places where you can find fusion food. Usually, you can find different varieties of Japanese inspired tacos/burritos during festivals and at night markets.

    Check their social media links to find out when and where you can see them. You can check their website, Facebook page, or Instagram for their unique creations which you will definitely appreciate. You can also find details of their specials, appetizers and more on their online menu here.

    As a proud inventor of the ‘Sushi Nori Taco’, which consists of seaweed, tender meat and rice, and ‘Norrito’, which is a burrito style seaweed goodness, Norigami made news in 2017 for their unique experimentation. Their tacos are some of the most interesting and delicious edible items you will ever find!

    DIY Fusion

    Preparing sushi, tacos, burritos, or burgers at home is not a big deal if you have all the right ingredients and a little time to spare. There are several tutorials on the internet where you can learn to make fusion food such as ‘DIY Sushi Burgers’, ‘Ramen Burgers’ and more.

    Be it a house party or a student event, these food combinations go really well with a perfect ‘East meets West’ theme. You can actually easily prepare them by simply looking at the pictures. You can stuff veggies, meat, and sauces between two layers of sushi rice, or roll them all together in a tortilla, in whichever style you want for a cool Japanese and Tex-Mex fusion!

    Do these appeal to you and are you interested in trying them or actually visiting one of the restaurants that serve these items? You can have them with your favorite sauces, whether hot or cold, depending on the season. It is also a great way to invoke curiosity and debate among friends over the lunch table!

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