Want to Be as Stealthy as a Ninja? Check Out These Special Japanese Socks!

  • Have you ever thought about how a ninja could sneak into palaces without making any sound? Because of their stealthiness, many people are interested in trying ninja outfits. Did you know that there is a fashion trend sweeping Japan and the rest of the world right now that allows ninja outfits to be worn in our everyday lives? Check these must-have ninja-inspired socks out!

    Tabi Socks

    The Japanese have a very interesting traditional way of covering their feet. They use a different version of socks called “tabi,” which separates the big toe from the other toes. Tabi socks are perfect for the flip-flop-style Japanese wooden shoes called “geta,” or the similar-looking “zori” made of straw, wood, or rubber.

    The evolution of tabi and geta over the centuries has been remarkable, with new models emerging now and then. Samurais used to wear strong and armored tabi socks, while workers and laborers had tough rubber ones called “jika-tabi.” Some of the tabi varieties are very tough, durable, and efficient, and people used to wear them as boots without any other protection.

    Japanese traditional footwear has made a comeback with velcro-style, easy-to-slip-into tabi socks and vinyl sandals. Many people have started following this trend of Japanese fashion and use them as comfortable homewear. They give a very nice feel when worn, and they can also make you somehow understand the ninja fashion.

    Modern Tabi

    The modern tabi has many varieties, some are good for outside use while some are good for homewear. There is a traditional Japanese company named KURUWA (Japanese only) that specializes in making awesome tabi socks by utilizing ancient wisdom and modern technologies.

    Actually, the company says that it is very difficult to exactly recreate the comfortable tabi these days because of the current sewing technology, so they employ a five-decade-old technology to give them perfection in all dimensions.

    The outer layer of the tabi is made of nylon which lets you move freely, and the inner is made of cotton for comfort. These socks are also seen worn by many cosplayers and other fashionistas both in Japan and abroad.

    These modern tabi-inspired socks and shoes can also be worn with kimonos or yukatas, apart from your regular modern wear. Irrespective of seasons and purpose, you can pretty much wear them every day without worrying about anything.

    Furthermore, many designers are coming up with tabi-style split-toe shoes for people who want to look different. One example is the Nike Air Rift that was inspired by old Japanese footwear to give you a cool look.

    Where to Find Them

    Tabi socks can be found easily anywhere online with a little bit of search effort. However, if you intend to buy in a brick-and-mortar store, it could be a bit difficult as not many shops offer them. You should visit a cosplay store or look for exclusive shops down the famous Harajuku street in Tokyo and other urban places.

    There is also a footwear company hailing from Okayama, namely Marugo, that has a nice line of tabi shoes.

    Both men and women are trying the modern tabi socks to make themselves feel like a ninja or to just feel comfortable in general. Women’s tabi socks come in cool colors and with designs, while men’s are simpler in either blue or black. Usually, they are ankle-length and come in various models, some with velcro or zips, some with normal laces, and some just plain simple. Would you like to get a pair of tabi for yourself or to give as a gift? They definitely look cooler than regular socks.

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