Relax and Surround Yourself With Books at This Book Lover’s Haven in Shinjuku

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  • A book lover’s haven has opened in the heart of Shinjuku, Japan. Discover the pleasures of staying at the TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT below!


    The TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT occupies the fourth, fifth, and sixth floor of the Shinjuku Minimu Building. The establishment is open 24 hours, providing convenient service for travelers who are looking for a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city or a cheap alternative for short-term accommodations.


    On the fourth floor, you will find the TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT reception desk. This same floor also serves as a co-working area which has a seating capacity of 30 at a time. There are a number of power outlets where you can plug your mobile devices, and iPads and iMacs can be rented. You can also use the printer as well as buy stationery goods. Coffee purchased from Starbucks on the third floor of the building can also be brought up here.

    The fifth and sixth floor is referred to as the “Relaxing Area.” This area’s shared space has a 42-seating capacity and a total of 32 private booths.

    On the fifth floor, you can go through the extensive collection of reading materials, from books to magazines, on the shelves that surround the shared space. The locker room, shower rooms, and powder room can also be found on the fifth floor.

    The sixth floor is an exclusive area for women. Private booths are available where weary travelers can get some shut-eye and rest. These single-room booths are provided with a mat where you can lie down. Books that are also available for purchase can also be found on this floor. All floors of the TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT are fully equipped with Wi-Fi.


    Access to the co-working space on the fourth floor costs 500 yen per hour with an additional 100 yen for first-time visitors. The private booths cost an additional 500 yen per hour. The women-only sixth floor has an additional fee of 100 yen. Access to the shower room is priced at 500 yen. Sleepwear is also available at 1,000 yen.

    For a longer stay, there is a six-hour package for a fee of 2,800 yen and a 12-hour package for a fee of 5,500 yen, both of which gives you a private booth and shower room access. Identification documents such as driver’s license, passport, and student card may be required upon entry to the apartment.

    Getting There

    The TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT is very accessible to travelers and locals alike. The Shinjuku Minimu Building is within a minute-walk from the JR Shinjuku Station.


    TSUTAYA is one of the entertainment companies of Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. It was named as such in deference to Juzaburo Tsutaya who owned a publishing house during the Edo period. The first TSUTAYA store, TSUTAYA BOOKS Hirakata, opened in 1983. Today, TSUTAYA is popularly known as a bookstore and a music and video rental chain. As of 2013, there are 1,461 TSUTAYA stores in Japan and seven in Taiwan.

    The TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT serves as an oasis for travelers and book lovers alike. Enjoy your stay at this unique and affordable facility in the middle of one of the busiest areas in Tokyo.

    TSUTAYA BOOK APARTMENT Website *Japanese only

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