Tokyo Banana Released Another Sweet Treat in Honor of Ueno Zoo’s Baby Panda!

  • TOKYO BANANA celebrates the birth of Ueno Zoo’s panda cub, Xiang Xiang, with a new flavor of their well-loved treat! Check out TOKYO BANANA PANDA!


    TOKYO BANANA continues to surprise us with flavors that are very timely. Its newest variant features a cute panda on both the outer packaging and the banana-shaped treat itself!

    Each box of TOKYO BANANA PANDA contains individually packed sponge cakes featuring three cute panda poses. These designs are random for each box, making the process of opening each one even more exciting! Which pose will you find and which pose will be your favorite? The best way to find out is to get a box for yourself!

    The outer box was also designed in such a way that the panda’s face is about the same size as a person’s face. Take a picture of yourself with the TOKYO BANANA PANDA box and be transformed into a cute panda, too!

    In addition to its adorable appearance, TOKYO BANANA PANDA’s mild banana yogurt-flavored cream will make it a favorite for any sweets and banana lover. It is best enjoyed within seven days from purchase.

    Where to Buy

    TOKYO BANANA PANDA comes in a value pack of 4 pieces sold at 515 yen (currently sold out). If you are buying it as a souvenir for your friends and family, it is also sold in gift boxes of 8 pieces at 1,080 yen and 12 pieces at 1,595 yen.

    Part of the proceeds from the sale of TOKYO BANANA PANDA will also be donated to the “SAVE the PANDA” Support Fund. Founded by the Tokyo Zoological Park Society, this fund accepts donations from all over Japan and is aimed at international panda protection activities as well as the welfare of the pandas at Ueno Zoo.

    TOKYO BANANA PANDA was launched at the same time as Xiang Xiang’s public debut and was initially sold only at the JR Ueno Station. Now, it is also available for purchase at Tokyo Station, Daimaru Tokyo, TOKYO Solamachi, and Haneda Airport Terminal 1 (until January 8, 2018).

    Ueno Zoo’s Panda Cub

    The Ueno Zoological Gardens, commonly known as Ueno Zoo, is home to the newest panda sensation, Xiang Xiang. She is the youngest panda cub in Ueno Zoo and is the child of pandas Shin Shin and Li Li.

    Born in June 2017, Xiang Xiang made her public debut in December 2017. Public viewing for Xiang Xiang and her mother Shin Shin is currently limited and visitors who want to see them can submit their applications online or by telephone. Visitors are chosen through a lottery and winners eventually purchase their tickets at Ticket Pia or 7-Eleven convenience stores.

    Each viewing session lasts for 30 minutes and there are five sessions daily between 9:45 AM and 12:15 PM. Each session accommodates 80 groups composed of up to five people per group. Each visitor can observe Xiang Xiang and Shin Shin in the panda house for around two minutes. There is no time limit to see Xiang Xiang’s father, Li Li, who is in the outside enclosure of the panda house.

    While waiting for your chance to see Xiang Xiang in Ueno Zoo, enjoy this fluffy and delicious new treat from TOKYO BANANA! Each box will definitely remind you of the adorable panda it was inspired from.

    TOKYO BANANA PANDA Website *Japanese only

    Ueno Zoo Website

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