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  • Japanese rock music is highly innovative and its constant stream of popular musicians touring the United States and Europe proves this. One refreshing band to enter the rock scene recently is called “tricot.” This super creative band has released their third studio-length album which is entitled “3.” They will be performing in Otsu, Shiga Prefecture on the 28th of January 2018. So if you are around the area at that time, you will have the pleasure of watching a unique Japanese rock band. Find out more about them!


    tricot is a math rock band consisting of three girls, namely Ikumi Nakajima, Motoko Kida, and Hiromi Sagane, with male drummer Yuusuke Yoshida performing alongside them. The lyrics of their songs are almost entirely in the Japanese language. Hailing from Kyoto, which is the old capital of Japan, tricot established their own record label called “BAKURETSU RECORDS.”

    Unlike alternative rock bands, tricot’s math rock genre makes them at first glance seem part of the underground music scene. Indeed, lead vocalist Ikumi’s hometown of Shiga Prefecture and Motoko and Hiromi’s hometown of Kyoto have many music venues for underground bands. Math rock emerged from post-hardcore bands of the 1980s and noise pop of the 1990s. It is characterized by having odd time signatures and complex rhythms with stopping and starting in the songs. Drawing on a wide range of genres, Ikumi admits that in Kyoto, math rock was underground. Nevertheless, music that does not have a completely pop sound can still be amazing.

    I personally discovered this band on YouTube in June 2017. I heard their song “E” and I instantly became a fan.

    tricot in London

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    I watched tricot perform in Shepherd’s Bush, London in August 2017. They were promoting their new album “3.” Clad in matching green tricot t-shirts and with very bright lights around the stage, tricot put on a very raw sounding performance.

    The band started off with “DeDeDe” and its powerful chorus. This was followed by several faster-paced, heavier time signature-changing songs such as “18,19” and “WABI-SABI.”

    After that, they played the much lighter sounding song, “Sukima,” and one of my personal favorites from their new album, “Yosoiki.” From this point, tricot’s music got more and more energetic and they started to play their most punky and psychedelic song, “Niwa,” from their album “AND.”

    And finally, the band came back for an encore with the song, “Oyasumi,” which means “good night” in Japanese. It was a fitting song to finish off the night.

    A Review of tricot’s Album “THE”

    I have a special relationship with the first studio album of tricot as it was my introduction to their music back in 2014.

    I liked the beginning track, “pool side,” with its musical composition, and then the dynamic transition into the aggressive song, “POOL,” with previous drummer Komaki’s playing. I find that this musical track sets the tone for an album that is somewhat mysterious without being too hard rock or soft rock in sound.

    “THE” is a math rock album for anyone who likes rock music with a jazzy and experimental element. I found the songs “Tobe” and “Hatsumimi” quite aggressive. However, tricot still has many pop rock feeling songs like “Omotenashi,” “Tarattaratta,” and “Oyasumi.” It must be said that these math pop-based songs never reach the pop levels of songs like “Melon Soda” from the latest album.

    There is no dull moment on this album. The quieter songs such as “CGPP” and “Swimmer” give the listener a time for quiet reflection and are peaceful and emotional songs.

    “C&C” is my favorite track. I like the differing time signatures and the sudden stops and starts in the music. “artsick” is one of my favorite songs lyrically as it covers the dangers of getting swayed by impulse and emotions. I find Ikumi’s vocals particularly soothing on this track. “Tarattaratta” also shows very pained vocals towards the end.

    “THE” is an emotional album and carries a lot of nostalgia for me. I hope others will enjoy all tricot’s music.

    Upcoming Performance in Japan

    If you happen to be in Otsu, Japan this January 2018, then you must use the opportunity to watch this band! tricot will be performing at the popular venue, U★STONE, on Sunday, the 28th of January 2018. I think it is great to see this band before they become so popular in the future that getting tickets will be a challenge!

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