How Many of the Richest People in Japan Do You Know? Get to Know 2 of Them Here!

  • Did you know that some of the richest people in the world come from Japan? The country has a definitive list of wealthy people in high-ranking positions who contribute to Japan’s rich economy. These people play a major role in raising the country’s different sectors in order to make immense progress in today’s world. Get to know two of the richest people in the Land of the Rising Sun!

    1. Masayoshi Son

    Masayoshi Son is a Japanese billionaire who is the CEO of SoftBank Group Corp., a Japanese multinational telecommunications corporation headquartered in Tokyo. Though a Japanese, Son is ethnically Korean. His grandparents immigrated to Japan from Korea. According to Forbes Magazine, his estimated net worth as of writing is $22 billion, which makes him the richest man in Japan.

    Son’s enthusiasm for business started at a young age. He majored in Economics and Computer Science and also studied English.

    Son’s business endeavors started when he was just a student. Interested in advanced computer technology, he invented an electronic translator as well as imported used video game machines from Japan and installed them in various establishments like restaurants. He also invested in Internet firms.

    He founded SoftBank on September 3, 1981. The company made its most successful investment in 2000 when it invested $20 million in Alibaba, a Chinese e-commerce company.

    2. Hiroshi Mikitani

    Hiroshi Mikitani is the CEO of Rakuten, the most popular Japanese e-commerce company founded in Tokyo in 1997. According to Forbes Magazine, his estimated total asset as of writing is $5.7 billion.

    Mikitani grew up in Kobe, Japan. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a master’s in business administration from Harvard Business School, where he was awarded one of the school’s highest honors.

    Mikitani originally worked at the Industrial Bank of Japan but decided to change career paths when he realized that he wanted to help revitalize the country’s economy after a huge earthquake hit Kobe. As a result, he launched his own venture – Rakuten Ichiba, an online marketplace. The company’s name was changed to Rakuten, Inc. in 1999, and later on expanded abroad and acquired overseas e-commerce sites. Mikitani accommodated the growth of his company by moving its headquarters from Shinagawa to Futakotamagawa.

    Son and Mikitani are two of the wealthiest and most significant persons who helped develop the economy of Japan. There are other lesser-known rich individuals you might not have heard of, as the Japanese are not flashy with their wealth. There are times when you won’t even notice that you’re living next to them for their house looks just like yours!

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