Save Money With These 3 Companies Offering Discount Coupons in Japan!

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  • It was my first time to visit Yokohama in August 2017. One of their main attraction is the Cup Noodle Museum. My friend Kei, who happens to be from Yokohama, surprisingly has never been to the Cup Noodles museum, and that’s why we decided to include it in our itinerary.

    Upon entering, Kei showed me her phone. She said she could get discounts on our ticket price. The entrance fee was not expensive but we got ¥100 off because she had an online coupon that she just showed to the ticket counter. This made me realize that Japan can be a lot cheaper to travel around if you know where to get these discount coupons. Perhaps tourists can save a lot of money if they are aware of the companies offering online coupons.

    I remembered a page on Facebook called “Klook” which offers cheap deals in Asia. I quickly checked their page and I was lucky enough to find that they had a deal for Tokyo Tower. The difference in the price was not that big, but even small amounts of savings add up. It means I have more money for food!

    After paying for this Tokyo Tower coupon online, I received an E-ticket that I would need to show to the Tokyo Tower cashier. The lady asked for my passport and e-ticket, and after two minutes she let me in. It was a very smooth transaction! I also purchased a Sanrio Puroland ticket via Klook and again, I did not encounter any problems.

    Since I have been enjoying these great deals online, I wanted to share my discoveries with others, and show you these three companies which offer online discounts!

    1. H.I.S Website

    This website offers coupons for different activities all over Japan. You can filter your search by area, then by activity. Every offer has a corresponding countdown timer so you will know when the offer will expire.

    I tried getting a coupon but it stated that I needed to download the Google Play app, which I don’t have since I am using the app store for IOS. Therefore, it is safe to say that this will benefit android users more in the current format.


    2. Domino’s Pizza Japan

    For pizza lovers like me, Dominos is offering customers ¥1000 yen off just by registering for their emails. I tried registering and after just 5 minutes I received my coupon!

    Please note that you need to spend ¥2000 to be eligible for the discounts. You also have to use it within 30 days otherwise it will expire. However, I felt this was still a pretty good deal!


    3. Aeon Stores

    One of my favorite Japanese stores is Aeon. On their website they offer a lot of coupons for foreign visitors. Aeon is my go-to place for buying chocolates because they have a wide variety and cheaper prices!

    When you click on the coupon, it will inform you that it is only applicable for foreign visitors. Also, please note that they only offer these deals at select Aeon stores so please check the store list first!


    Some stores do not have online coupons but they do offer discounts when you add their LINE ID. I tried adding 北海道らーめん (a ramen store located in Kita-Senju station), and I got a free egg in my ramen. Not bad!

    I am pretty sure that there are more stores offering discounts online. Some may require purchases and some may not, but it’s really amazing to see how with a few taps of a finger, you can pay less on all sorts of things!