Top 3 Japanese savory Pancake

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  • There is a plethora of food choices in Japan. It should be no surprise that they have elevated the savory pancake/omelette to epic dimensions. This article will highlight the top three found in Japan.

    1. Okonomiyaki


    Okonomiyaki – the most famous of the above. This is basically a free for all savory omelette with any toppings one can think of. The name itself comes from the Japanese word Okono – or what you like and Yaki – meaning grilled. It literally means grill what you like. The combinations are endless. The batter is made out of flour, cabbage, eggs, dashi or water and whatever toppings your heart desires. It is relatively more firm than its cousin monjayaki (see below). It has been said that this dish originated in Osaka and one can see whole alleys dedicated to this yummy treat there. The batter and its contents are grilled on a flat top teppanyaki and can be a fun bonding activity for everyone around the table!

    2. Monjayaki


    Monjayaki – this has a similar batter but is by far runnier than the okonomiyaki above. This originated in the Kanto area and has the consistency of liquid cheese, and some people even call it spits. Despite its looks, it is quite delicious and is also cooked on a flat top grill. It really does taste better than it looks. There is a whole street in Tokyo dedicated to this treat in the Tsukishima district. It even comes with its own small spatula for you to scrape it off the grill. Compared with the above it’s much flatter and runnier.

    3. Omurice


    Omurice – comes from omu-rice (or omelette rice), granted this is not an omelette but is similar in theory. It comes with a similar myriad of flavors. Think fried rice inside an omelette and topped with ketchup. The egg exterior is almost pancake – crepe like in its thinness but belies the delicious treat that lies inside.
    If you are lucky enough to be in Japan – do yourself a favor and try all the above – and pick your favorite. Itadakimasu!

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