These 2 Special Wines Are the Perfect Complements to Popular Japanese Dish, Sushi

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  • Although there are several types of wines that go well with any type of dish, there are some that were specifically created to complement a particular dish. There are a few wine brands targeting sushi lovers with their pair-up drinks known as “sushi wines.” Check out these two wines that are meant to be enjoyed with the well-known Japanese dish, sushi!

    1. Oroya Sushi Wine

    When you think of Japanese alcoholic drinks, your first thought would probably be sake. Sake, or rice wine, goes perfectly well with a variety of Japanese dishes such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, okonomiyaki – you name it! However, regular wine can also be consumed with sushi as it complements almost any type of fish dish.

    Taking this idea to a whole new level, vintner Yoko Sato came up with Oroya Sushi Wine – a special drink that hits the right spot of your palate and makes you appreciate your sushi with Macabeo, Airén, and Muscat grape varieties with percentages of 30%, 60%, and 10%, respectively. Being a product of Tierra de Castilla Wines, a famous Spanish wine brand that produces quality wine originating from the Castilla-La Mancha region of Spain, rest assured that the Oroya Sushi Wine will not disappoint. It is a light alcoholic drink that won’t hit you hard immediately and is a good appetizer.

    2. Yu Sushi Sparkling Wine

    We all like fizzy drinks with our meals! And when it comes to great wine, the Yu Sushi Sparkling Wine will bring an Italian dining experience right to your sushi table.

    This white sushi sparkling wine comes in a cool porcelain-style bottle with Japanese designs, such as koi and flowers, on it. It is made particularly for sushi lovers by the winemakers of Valdobbiadene town in the Veneto region of Italy, where the famous Prosecco comes from. The winery behind the creation of this rare sushi wine, Astoria, has become popular with its cool collection of pair-up sparklings such as the Tiramisu Wine and others.

    With an alcohol content of 10.50% to 11.50%, the Yu Sushi Sparkling Wine is very distinctive and pleasant, without overpowering the taste of your sushi.

    Yu Sushi Sparkling Wine Website

    Wine Characteristics

    Be it mackerel, eel, or whatever kind of sushi, the aforementioned wines are made to complement it perfectly. Their sugar and acidity levels are in balance with their fruity notes that won’t give any odd taste when consumed with sticky rice or foods with a hint of vinegar. These wines are also good for solo consumption or with other dishes because of their nice taste. Both wines are European in origin, made from grapes grown in fertile vineyards amidst great climate.

    Found in some exclusive wine cellars and supermarkets in Japan and Europe, these sushi wines are definitely a competitor to Nihonshu (Japanese rice wine). Do get yourself bottles of these and enjoy your sushi dish with much delight!