This Budget-Friendly Aquarium in Shinagawa Is Perfect for a One-Day Tokyo Trip!

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  • As Japan consists of groups of islands, there are a lot of unique marine species in its waters, contributing to the number of aquariums in the country. This is also the reason why seafood occupies a predominant part of Japanese cuisine.

    Japan is widely known to tourists as a costlier destination and likewise, the entry fee to aquariums can give a mini heart attack to budget travelers. This aquarium in Shinagawa, however, is not as expensive and will not break the bank. Find out more about it!

    Shinagawa Aquarium

    Although old and quite far from the city center, Shinagawa Aquarium boasts a variety of species, overhead tanks and tunnels, penguins, a dolphin and sea lion show, and many more.

    Admission costs 1,350 yen for adults, 600 yen for elementary and junior high school students, and 300 yen for children 4 years of age up to school age.

    Elementary schools in Tokyo take their students here to learn about marine life. If you have children traveling with you, then this place is ideal to spend a day for them to learn about marine life.

    Getting In

    A pool with crystal clear water and a beautiful bridge welcomes you at the entrance of the aquarium. There is a counter at the entrance where you can buy tickets. There should not be any delay if it’s a weekday.

    Remember to get an aquarium guide in English so that you can visit all the places without missing any of them. Also, note down the time of the dolphin show and the sea lion show to plan your tour around the aquarium accordingly.

    Aquarium Exhibits

    The main attraction of the aquarium is the overhead water tanks in which you can walk through, giving the feeling of “walking under the ocean.” Just after you get out of the overhead tunnels, there is an area of open fish tanks where one can dip his/her hands to have a “free fish manicure.”

    There is a dedicated area for each species and there is information written for every exhibit so that you can learn about it better. I would say that the exhibits are well spaced from one another so the aquarium does not look cramped, as is the case with many.

    There is also a shark exhibit where you can see the sharks at a 180-degree view. You can see a lot of unique creatures such as sea lions, starfish, stingrays, turtles, manta rays, and sea snakes, too.

    The aquarium also has a small area dedicated to penguins, which are not a common exhibit in aquariums, right next to the place where you watch the dolphin show.

    After visiting all the exhibits, one’s knowledge about marine life and its species will widen. There is also a dolphin-themed restaurant inside the aquarium where you can have lunch.

    Side Trip

    Shinagawa Aquarium is perfect for a whole day trip, but if you have spare time left, try visiting the Shinagawa Historical Museum, which is on the way to the JR Shinagawa Station. You can know more about the history, culture, and geography of Shinagawa at the museum.

    A visit to Shinagawa Aquarium (and the Shinagawa Historical Museum) would make for a perfect one-day trip to the calm and beautiful ward of Shinagawa.

    Shinagawa Aquarium Website

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