Do You Know This Restaurant in Kyoto That Serves Tasty Noodles in Ice Bowls?

  • Forget food served in wooden bowls as this restaurant in Kyoto has taken the art of dining to another level by using ice bowls. Now, you can just sit down and wait for your ice bowl to come to your table with delicious Japanese noodles in it. Check out this restaurant and find out what makes it worth a try!

    Tempura Matsu

    Arashiyama is a district in Kyoto where many visitors like to spend time because of its historic temples, dense bamboo forests, and street illuminations. Not a lot of people know this, but Arashiyama is also a foodie’s paradise with many authentic Kyoto dishes to try – udon and ramen being the most important ones.

    Tempura Matsu is one such restaurant that serves great food and is located amidst a spectacular scenery. It is also a great sakura viewing spot, which is why many visitors flock to this place during the spring season.

    Situated by the Ooi River (called Katsura River in Arashiyama district) in Ukyo-ku, Kyoto, Tempura Matsu is a must-visit scenic restaurant. It offers each and every one of its customers a unique and extravagant experience. From noodles served in ice bowls to sake poured from a bamboo shoot, this place seems to know how to attract people. Their one-of-a-kind food presentation is indeed marvelous and will visually please you until the end of your meal.

    Ice Bowl Noodles

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    There are many special varieties of ice bowl noodles made by Tempura Matsu such as the cherry blossom noodles that are perfect for the flower viewing season in spring. It’s not only the visual presentation that attracts visitors to the restaurant but also the delicious food. One of their bestsellers is Inaniwa udon, a mugwort-based (“yomogi” in Japanese) dish that has a very aromatic smell and taste and comes with an egg yolk.

    If you love cold noodles, Tempura Matsu is the best restaurant to stop by and slurp some up. The water that combines with the noodle broth (dashi) as the ice melts definitely complements the taste, making you want more.


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    It’s not just the noodles that stand out but also the sake that is presented in a unique way – in a long flask made of bamboo. Apart from that, Tempura Matsu has other specialties such as smoked buri (Japanese amberjack) that is cooked over slow-burning aromatic wood. They also use lotus leaves in their food presentation.

    Tempura Matsu is one of those omakase restaurants where you entrust your order to the chef and his/her recommendations. Omakase is an interesting Japanese dining style, and there are not so many restaurants where you can truly experience it.

    If you want to enjoy some ice-cold noodles and dine omakase style, make sure to visit Tempura Matsu in Kyoto. It’s a place recommended by locals and foreigners alike. Their creative touch on food presentation is definitely worth applauding!

    Tempura Matsu Website

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