Looking for an Affordable Stay at One of the Eight 5-Star Airports in the World?

  • Among Japan’s most popular cities frequented by tourists are Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. But aside from these areas, did you know that there is another city at the center of the main island of Japan that boasts wonderful people, delicious local food such as hitsumabushi and miso-katsu, and great sightseeing spots such as Nagoya Castle and Atsuta Shrine? Albeit not famous with foreign travelers yet, Nagoya in Aichi Prefecture is becoming more known and is a place worth checking out.

    The easiest way to reach Nagoya and the rest of the Chubu region from overseas is through Chubu Centrair International Airport. It is located 30 minutes away from Nagoya Station, which is in the city center, via train. Chubu Centrair is also one of the eight airports in the world recognized by an international organization as a 5-Star Airport, offering high-quality facilities and services. In addition, it is easy to visit other popular tourist destinations in Japan from Nagoya – it only takes about 1.5 hours to Tokyo and 30 minutes to Kyoto.

    Why Is Nagoya’s Airport Recognized as a 5-Star Airport?

    Chubu Centrair International Airport was awarded five stars by air transport quality specialists Skytrax based on the airport’s excellent facilities, high-quality airport staff service, and overall quality performance.

    Major airlines such as All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and Delta Air Lines serve Chubu Centrair, making it easily accessible from many countries. The airport also has tons of shops and restaurants at Sky Town suitable for different types of guests, so much so that locals visit even if they are not flying just to shop, dine, and look around.

    Apart from shops and restaurants, the airport has other facilities such as the Sky Deck where you can observe airplanes up close, a bathhouse where you can soak and relax, and a massage salon for even more pampering. There’s also an AEON MALL nearby, reachable from the airport via a shuttle bus, with duty-free shops where you can head to do some last-minute shopping. No wonder it got a five-star rating!

    For those interested in staying around the area for a late night or early morning flight, there are four hotels located within the airport that you can choose from. Out of these accommodation options, do you know which one is suitable for your needs? Read on to find out!

    Which Accommodation Is Best?

    If you are looking for a place to stay with your friends or family, or if you have children aged 12 and under with you, we recommend staying at the regular hotels inside the airport, namely Centrair Hotel, Comfort Hotel, and Toyoko Inn. However, if you are looking for a cheaper option or want to have an unconventional hotel experience, we recommend staying at the capsule hotel, TUBE Sq.

    TUBE Sq provides a high-quality capsule hotel experience and has a 24-hour check-in service that is convenient for late night or early morning flight passengers. Seeing it from the outside, the hotel looks elegant and has a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

    What to Expect

    Upon entering the capsule hotel, an attractively decorated reception desk will greet you. If you don’t know any Japanese, there is no need to worry because the friendly and accommodating staff can speak English, and eight other languages are also provided through a translation software. The hotel has a total of 138 rooms, and men (84 rooms) and women (54 rooms) guests are separated.

    Accommodation Space

    TUBE Sq’s capsules are bigger than usual capsule hotels’. A pillow, mattress, and comforter are prepared inside each capsule. While other capsule hotels use a thin futon or bedding, this hotel uses custom-designed mattresses that assure guests a comfortable rest.

    On the headboard of each capsule are light controls that allow you to adjust the lights in your capsule. Also, if you prefer sleeping in complete darkness, no worries as the curtain for each capsule does not allow any light to pass through.

    Other capsule amenities include a mirror, hanger, clock, flashlight, and fire alarm. There is also a safe where you can place your valuables and an outlet where you can plug your electronics.

    Facilities Such as Lockers, Toilets, and Showers

    TUBE Sq also has respective areas for lockers, toilets, and showers.

    Each capsule user is given one locker space free of charge. As you open the locker, you will find a bath towel, loungewear, and disposable slippers. It can also be locked for safety.

    The shower rooms are spacious and one of them comes with a bath. Guests can use the bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and body soap prepared in each shower room for free.

    Sinks have a hair drier, curling iron (women’s area only), cotton, and other products available for free so there is no need to bring any toiletries when staying here. What’s more is that all of these amenities like the toner are organic and made in Japan, adding to that luxurious capsule hotel experience.

    Other Benefits and Nearby Facilities

    Additionally, TUBE Sq also offers free Wi-Fi and “TEZUKA SPOT,” a service that offers digital versions of more than 400 comics by Osamu Tezuka, the author of Astro Boy, in English, Japanese, and Chinese. Manga lovers can definitely enjoy this unique feature of the hotel!

    There are also vending machines just outside the locker areas carrying a range of drinks. In the same area, a screen is also located where you can view flight schedules, which is helpful for those who have an upcoming flight.

    Right in front of the hotel is a well-designed space with chairs and tables where guests can eat, work, etc. There is also a convenience store, a post office, and a telephone and charging area nearby.

    How to Check In

    If you have decided that TUBE Sq is the best accommodation for you, checking in is a piece of cake, whether or not you have an advance booking. The whole process can be simplified into six steps:

    1. Go to the reception desk, show your passport (as well as your reservation if any), and fill out the guest form.

    2. You will be given an Accommodation Guide for you to review, which is available in English, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean. And as mentioned above, other languages are also available through a translation software.

    3. If you haven’t already paid online when booking, the staff will give you a card for payment. You then pay at the machines provided in either cash or credit. The machine is also available in different languages.

    4. After paying, you can now go to your respective area and grab amenities before heading in.

    5. The card you used for payment also serves as a key card to access your respective area. Just tap it on the reader and the door will open.

    6. Locate your locker and capsule, and enjoy your stay.

    How to Behave in a Capsule Hotel

    Just like many places in Japan, there is a set of rules and customs to be followed when staying at a capsule hotel. Similar to any capsule hotel, phone calls, smoking, eating, and drinking are not allowed except in the designated areas. It is also required to use the disposable slippers provided. When watching movies or listening to music on your phone, always use headphones out of respect for the other guests.

    As for checking in, children aged 12 and below are prohibited to stay in the hotel to avoid disturbing other guests’ sleep. Children aged 13 to 17 are allowed but they have to be accompanied by their parents or guardians. Only one person per capsule is allowed even if the other guest is a small child.

    Chubu Centrair International Airport is the perfect transport hub for those wanting to explore Nagoya in Aichi, and even Tokyo and Osaka, as Nagoya is right between the two. Whether you’re staying for the night or just a few hours, TUBE Sq is the ideal place to leave your luggage as you go shopping and for getting some rest. And since the hotel is located in the airport, you will have no trouble locating it or catching a flight after your stay. If you are looking for an affordable and convenient accommodation for your travels in Nagoya, you might want to check this capsule hotel out!

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