Find Out How to See the Best of the City of Yokohama in Two Hours!

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  • Yokohama is one of Japan’s famous port cities and is a busy city with many people visiting for meetings and conferences from all over the world. There are many chances for people on a business trip to visit Yokohama for its popular International Convention Center, where many important conferences and exhibitions occur.

    The new city center of Yokohama looks spectacular along with Yokohama port on the other side. If you are on a business trip to Yokohama International Convention Center, this article will help you to discover the city of Yokohama around the city center in your spare time.

    Minato Mirai and the Famous Yokohama Landmark Sky Tower

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    The center of Yokohama is known as Minato Mirai. The International Convention Center is just next to Minato Mirai, therefore starting your sightseeing trip from here would be ideal. There is a gigantic Ferris wheel and a roller coaster right in the center of Minato Mirai, and a ride on these would give you fantastic views of both the city and the port. There are also a few shopping malls around this area where you can try out Japanese cuisine and also buy a few souvenirs to take back home!

    The next spot is a must-see for skyscraper lovers. The Yokohama Landmark Tower boasts a sky garden promenade which is 273 m tall, the world’s second fastest elevator, and offers 360-degree views of places as far as 80 kilometers away! The entry fee is 1000 yen for adults, which isn’t too costly for such amazing views. I would say that the view from this tower is unique as it gives parallel views of both the sea and the city.

    Minato Mirai Access

    Yokohama Landmark Tower Website
    Yokohama Landmark Tower Access

    The Historical Building of the Red Brick Warehouse

    Situated a few minutes walk away from Minato Mirai is the Red Brick Warehouse, a historical building which was used as a warehouse in Yokohama Port. It is now used as a shopping complex with many small stores, restaurants, and event halls.

    Just next to the warehouse is the Yokohama cruise pier. Buy your tickets to Yamashita Park, the next stop, and board the Yokohama cruise here. The cruise offers a short ride in the sea along with panoramic views of the city!

    Red Brick Warehouse Website
    Red Brick Warehouse Access

    Yamashita Park

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    Once you deboard the cruise, you will find a nice, cozy garden with fountains and statues which is known as Yamashita Park. Take a peaceful walk or find a nice place to sit and relax with a good evening sea-view.

    Yamashita Park Website
    Yamashita Park Access

    The Iconic Yokohama Marine Tower

    There is also a tower located next to the garden called Yokohama Marine Tower. This is a relatively smaller tower compared to the magnificent towers all around. Nevertheless, the view offered by each tower is unique. The entry ticket for the Marine tower is also cheap (600 yen) and so next, head towards the Marine Tower.

    The Yokohama Marine Tower, which once functioned as a lighthouse, is now a symbol of Yokohama Port and offers decent views of Minato Mirai, Yokohama Bay Bridge, and the sea. There is also a cafe where you can enjoy drinks and snacks with a view of Minato Mirai.

    Yokohama Marine Tower Website
    Yokohama Marine Tower Access

    After enjoying the great views from Marine tower, it is now time to head back to your room and get ready for your conference or business meeting. This itinerary is most suitable for people who are visiting Yokohama for work but still wish to try to get to know the city in the little spare time they may have left. We have tried our best to cover the best and most significant places in Yokohama.

    Yokohama Official Tourist Website

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