Did you Know you Can Store Your Luggage for Free at this Restroom in Shinjuku?

  • Have you ever been worried about your luggage when you want to use restrooms while passing through airport terminals or train stations? Even though there are luggage storage facilities and lockers in most of the places in Japan, there still aren’t many bathrooms which are designed to help travelers as they are not spacious or secure enough to accommodate their bags or suitcases.

    However, Japan is quickly solving that problem by introducing innovative baggage ports inside public bathrooms. Check out this great new system which can make your travel experience better!

    Luggage Problems

    You may have heard about Japan`s technologically advanced toilet system, easy-to-use lockers for keeping your belongings as you travel, and other things. However, when it comes to public bathrooms, it is still inconvenient in many ways, especially at very busy and crowded stations such as Shinjuku Station, where thousands of people commute every single day.

    Also, some Japanese public bathrooms are designed to accommodate only a few people and you must be prepared to wait in long queues at very touristy places. Imagine that struggle when you can’t keep your luggage next to you in that small cubicle styled restroom, and cant leave it alone either at the entrance without having to worry about someone picking it up! Although Japan is largely safe and petty crimes are not frequent, you may not want to leave your luggage outside as it would pose an inconvenience to other users as they pass by.

    Also, taking advantage of cloakroom facilities usually costs you money and comes with the possible risk of missing your next train when you are in a hurry. Therefore, it is a necessity to look for solutions to solve these luggage problems when nature calls!

    Odakyu Baggageport

    If you have been to Shinjuku Station in Tokyo, you must have noticed a very famous private railway company called ‘Odakyu’. A lot of people take Odakyu trains to go to Enoshima, Hakone, and other beautiful places. As you pass through the west exit of the station, you will find renovated bathrooms in the underground that have temporary terminals inside, for you to park your luggage for absolutely no cost!

    If you have your IC card, you can immediately lock your bag using a cord connected to the baggageport. It is very simple and easy to use with instructions written in Japanese and English for both local and foreign commuters. It is mostly used for large sized bags which cant be taken easily inside the stalls in the bathroom.

    Once you wind the cord around the handle of your bag, simply plug into the socket, push a control button next to it, and place your railcard on the card reader to complete the process. You have to use your card one more time to unwind the cord and take your luggage back as you go out of the bathroom. It’s as simple and as convenient as that!

    IC cards

    As you may have already known, everything from public transport to buying groceries at supermarkets works with debit card-style railcards that go by the names ‘Suica’, ‘Pasmo’, and others, in Japan. The technology used is a proximity detector that recognizes your identity as your card comes into contact with the receptor. It is a very fast and easy payment system, which many other countries have been following as well. In an already safe Japan, using cards to secure bags seems to be a much safer option.

    Now, you do not need to carry number locks or chains to hold your luggage anymore while you rest for a while. I hope these baggageports will be seen in the near future in every single public bathroom across the world, as they provide security plus convenience for the average busy commuter or traveler, and for zero money!

    Odakyu Shinjuku Station Website

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