Visit This Unique Accommodation in Tokyo With Books, Tea, and Cozy Beds!

  • Do you love tea, books, and traveling? How about getting cozy on a bed while reading your favorite book plus a cup of herb tea to help you relax after a long day visiting nice places around Tokyo?

    There is a place in Tokyo where you can enjoy this amazing and unique kind of accommodation! Book Tea Bed has two branches within Tokyo where you can stay and experience this totally relaxing place.

    Book Tea Bed Ginza

    Book Tea Bed Ginza is located in the heart of Tokyo’s shopping and entertainment area, in a very convenient location which is only a 20-minute train ride from Tokyo Sky Tree and other famous tourist spots in Tokyo. They have different kinds of rooms designed specifically for customer’s tastes and preferences.

    Bookshelf Style

    This room is the one closest to the bookshelf and is ideal for people who want to have those books not so far out of their reach. The price is from 5,480 yen (tax included).

    Standard Style

    Are you the type of person who can sleep better in a larger bed? Well, if you want a larger sleeping area or mattress, this room is recommended for you. This bed is available from 4,480 yen (tax included).

    Compact Style

    Are you on a budget but want to experience Book Tea Bed? The compact style room is the smallest among all of the rooms but is comfortable enough for a relaxing night with books and tea. For 2,980 yen (tax included), this room is all yours.

    Pair Style

    Are you traveling with someone and do you need a bed for two? The pair style room has a double-sized bed where you and your companion can enjoy your favorite book and tea and have a unique travel experience together.


    Book Tea Bed Azabu-Juban

    Situated in the classy neighborhood of Azuba-Juban, this location is just a few minutes walk from Tokyo Tower, Roppongi Hills, and other tourist destinations.

    Room Styles

    Like the Ginza Branch, Azabu Juban also has the bookshelf style and standard style rooms. Prices are a little bit different though. Bookshelf-style rooms can be yours for 4,500 yen while a standard style room is 3,880 yen.

    Tokyo Tower View Style

    Do you want a room with a view of the Tokyo Tower right outside your window? Then this one is yours and available from 5,000 yen!

    Women Only Style

    There is an area specifically for women and designed for female travelers. So if you are more comfortable in a woman-only space, this area is recommended for you. The price for this room is 4,500 yen (tax included).

    For room prices, they might vary on weekends and holidays so be sure to contact the hotel and make reservations. Hangers, 2 power outlets, a night light, and a shelf are in each bed space. There are also curtains for privacy.



    A shower room, a powder room, toilets, a cafe space and a drink space are available in Book Tea Bed Ginza. At Book Tea Bed Azabu-Juban, same facilities are available, but instead of the drink space, they have a bigger reception area.


    Both locations for Book Tea Bed have amenities for their customers. Each small amenity tote bag has natural scented shampoo, conditioner, and organic shower gel from Shiseido’s The Amenity brand.

    With bunk bed styles and capsule hotel styles becoming an increasingly popular type of accommodation for travelers in Japan, more hotels, hostels, and other lodging businesses are finding creative ways to attract and give travelers a fun and relaxing experience on their travels. With Book Tea Bed’s concept, this is worth a try for those who love books and those who just want a new experience in Japan!

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