What Can This Cute Robotic Dog From Sony Japan Do?

  • 2018 is considered to be the “Year of the Dog,” and coincidentally, it’s also the year that Sony Corporation decided to release the new version of their Artificial Intelligence Robot dog, or “aibo,” after going on hiatus in 2006. aibo is said to be the most sophisticated product to be introduced in the robotics market yet, but its latest version is expected to be even more advanced. Find out about this new Japanese innovation!

    What is aibo?

    aibo is a robotic pet that uses artificial intelligence. It was first released by Sony in Japan in the year 1999, and the model was called “ERS-110.” In its first year, only a limited number of products were released to keep close contact with customers and to get feedback for the robotic pet’s future development.

    The first generation became a huge success which prompted the company to release the second generation in 2000. The second generation, called “ERS-210,” had advanced features such as touch sensors, improved mobility, facial LEDs, as well as voice recognition functions.

    Every year after that, new aibo models were released. The production only stopped on January 26, 2006, in order to make the company more profitable.

    The New aibo

    After 12 years, Sony has released another aibo version, the ERS-1000. Thanks to the product developer, Naoya Matsui, the latest aibo has better mobility with the help of ultra-compact actuators. It can also provide better expressions through the two OLED panels in its eyes. It can be individualized according to how it is trained by its owner.

    aibo has a two-hour battery life and a recharge time of three hours. You’ll know when it needs to be charged as the dog will beg to be “fed,” then will automatically go towards its recharging unit.

    Take note, however, that this robotic pet requires an Internet connection to fully function as it comes with an LTE SIM card. You have to connect your pet to an app called “My aibo,” which is used to access the settings and allows you to view the photos taken from the dog’s camera and to download additional tricks.

    This new upscale version of aibo costs 198,000 yen. A monthly subscription service fee of 2,980 yen is also necessary in order to support interaction. You can opt to pay a single subscription service payment of 90,000 yen covering the first three years if you wish.

    aibo is meant to provide companionship to people who feel lonely or who needs to be entertained. This robot dog is capable of life-like animated movements and emotional expressions. It can be a great choice if you want to own a pet without the hassle, or if you’re allergic to real dogs. If you are interested in getting your own aibo, you can buy it exclusively from aibo’s online store (Japanese only).

    What do you think of this latest Japanese robot dog?

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