Ride a Panda-Themed Train and See Japan’s Largest Panda Family in Wakayama!

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  • Crazy about adorable pandas? Make your merry way to this theme park with the largest panda family in Japan aboard a panda-themed train for the ultimate panda experience!

    Panda Kuroshio “Smile Adventure Train”

    In celebration of JR West’s 30-year anniversary and Adventure World’s 40-year anniversary this 2018, a panda-themed Kuroshio Limited Express train made its debut in August 2017. The Panda Kuroshio “Smile Adventure Train” is aimed at tourists who will be going to Adventure World in Wakayama Prefecture.

    The Kuroshio Limited Express is a train under JR West that runs through Kyoto, Osaka, and Wakayama. In Kyoto, two trains depart from Kyoto Station daily, while in Osaka, 16 trains depart from Shin-Osaka Station and Tennoji Station daily. However, among all the Kuroshio Limited Express trains, only one is panda-themed and its schedule varies daily.

    The Panda Kuroshio “Smile Adventure Train”‘s exterior features a face of a panda on its lead car and other animals from Adventure World on the rest of the cars. More panda faces welcome you inside this special Kuroshio Limited Express train as each seat has a panda headrest cover. This limited panda-themed train will run until November 2019.

    Adventure World

    Once you arrive in Wakayama, you can finally meet the giant pandas of Adventure World! Located in Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, this theme park is home to a family of five giant pandas. Eimei is the only male panda and the four others are all female. Rauhin was born at Adventure World in 2000 and was the first panda born in Japan to also give birth. Pandas Ouhin and Touhin were also born at Adventure World in 2014. The youngest panda in the family is Yuihin, born at Adventure World in 2016.

    The largest panda family in Japan can be found at the Panda Love area, which is one of the main features of this theme park. To help you learn more about the giant pandas, there is also a separate Panda Love Tour that starts at 1:05 PM every day and lasts for about 50 minutes. If you want to participate in this tour, you have to make a prior reservation on the website. It costs 7,000 yen per person.

    Other areas of Adventure World showcase animals who live in the sea. These are The Big Ocean, Marine Wave, Dolphin Friendly Pool, Penguin Kingdom, and Center Dome & Sea Animals Museum. Some of the animals waiting for you here are bottlenose dolphins, polar bears, sea otters, largha seals, and emperor penguins. Don’t miss their feeding times scheduled at different times throughout the day!

    At Safari World, you can find herbivores or plant-eating animals such as the reticulated giraffe, Chapman’s zebra, llama, red kangaroo, dromedary, and many other unique animals. Carnivores or meat-eating animals can also be seen at Safari World. Some of these carnivores are the lion, cheetah, white tiger, Eurasian brown bear, and the snow leopard. You can enjoy Safari World on foot, or by taking a ride on bicycles, carts, and jeeps that can be rented.

    Tickets and Opening Hours

    There are three kinds of passes available at Adventure World. A 1-day pass costs 4,500 yen for adults, 4,000 yen for senior citizens aged 65 and above, 3,500 yen for senior and junior high school students, and 2,500 yen for children ages 4 and above. 2-day passes and year passes are also available. Other attractions in the park may require separate fees to access.

    Adventure World is open daily from 10:00 AM to 8:30 PM except on certain days. except on certain days. Make sure to check the park schedule here.

    Let your love for pandas take you on an adventure! Get the chance to ride the Panda Kuroshio “Smile Adventure Train” and visit Adventure World with your family and friends!

    Wakayama Adventure World Website

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