Looking for a Nice Winter Drink in Japan? These 4 Ought to Keep You Warm!

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  • We all see demand for certain drinks such as melon soda, mugicha (barley tea), mango juice, and others go up during summer. However, if you are experiencing the beautiful and cold Japanese wintertime and wondering which non-alcoholic beverages would complement the weather and mood, check out these four tasty Japanese drinks!

    1. Dainagon Shiruko

    If you are familiar with Japanese sweets, you probably know “shiruko,” which is made from adzuki beans. These beans are very popular in Japan; you would see them not only in desserts but also in traditional Japanese meals such as Sekihan, which is a very yummy rice dish. In the olden days, the Japanese used to relax in winter with a cup of delicious and sweet red bean porridge.

    Dainagon Shiruko is a canned drink from ITO EN that you can find in vending machines across the country. You can savor it directly from the can as it is delicious on its own, but you can also enjoy it like a traditional winter treat – with sticky rice or bread. It is very easy to make at home and is good to consume when it’s freezing outdoors.

    2. Yakiimo Dayori

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    Similar to shiruko mentioned above, the cold season in Japan comes with another great dish – yakiimo or baked sweet potatoes. People who are used to regular baked sweet potatoes will find the Japanese version a bit sweeter. Why not have Yakiimo Dayori, a fiber-rich drink that has the goodness of sweet potatoes in it?

    If you are interested to have a sip, you can easily find this drink at any major train station in Tokyo. All you need to do is look for a vending machine belonging to the brand, acure.


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    What better way to wake up on a cold and lazy morning than with a warm cup of coffee? You may have heard of Suntory in Japan, a famous whiskey company. However, their PREMIUM BOSS coffee cans are also as popular and you can easily find them in any store or streetside vending machine.

    Not many people know this, but the Japanese were, in fact, the first to ever come up with canned coffee. You will find different types of canned coffee in Japan with different labels apart from PREMIUM BOSS, which comes in many flavors itself.

    4. Yaki Ringo Jitate Apple Tea

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    Autumn and winter are the seasons for apples, pears, and mikan in Japan. FAUCHON, a gourmet food and beverage company hailing from France, is now targeting the Japanese market with their special baked apple tea drink. After having a sip of this apple tea, you may want to buy more because of its rich and fruity taste.

    These four are great for drinking during the chilly winter days of Japan and are only available inside the country. If you have had trouble finding drinks perfect for winter, you now know what to buy!

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