Find Out About These 2 Unique Bullet Trains That You Should Ride In Japan!

  • The Shinkansen, or Japanese High-speed Bullet Train, which most visitors to Japan want to ride at least once during their trip, is one of the most impressive things about Japan. Usually, these innovative trains are majestic, very convenient, and excel at having excellent seating arrangements and other facilities. They also gain high speeds within minutes. Any shinkansen ride will leave a memorable impression, however, there are 2 particularly unique ones which you must ride if you get the chance!

    1. Genbi Shinkansen

    Genbi Shinkansen is probably one of the rarest bullet trains in the world and is dedicated to modern art. You do not need to be an artist to admire a ride on this train, as everything looks spectacular from the exteriors to the interiors, including the facilities.

    You may have heard about the Pokemon Train and other artistic trains which are painted to attract both train and pop-culture fans alike. However, not all of them can reach high speeds like Genbi Shinkansen, which is designed to do just that.

    It also looks slick with a dark exterior and adorned with huge artworks. This is markedly different when compared to the usual white bullet trains in Japan! If you take an inside look, you might be surprised to see that it is a whole different world filled with ‘contemporary beauty’, just as the name ‘genbi’ in Japanese suggests.

    You can find compartments filled with photographs taken by some very popular photographers like Mika Ninagawa and Naoki Ishikawa, and artworks rendered by some amazing contemporary artists and art units such as Kentaro Kobuke, Nao Matsumoto, Haruka Kojin, Paramodel, and others. At 240 kilometers per hour, this moving museum dedicated to rare modern art would give a thrilling experience for sure!

    After observing all the artworks, you can relax with special ‘Tsubame Coffee’ served on the train. Another nice thing about the train is the fact that it is quite affordable when compared to other long distance ones, the reason being that both the departing city (Echigo-Yuzawa) and the destination (Niigata), are located in the same prefecture, Niigata. You can actually find monthly schedules and a route map on its website below.

    Movement between the cars is possible inside the train and one can glance at all the artworks without any problem! It’s well worth a trip!


    2. Toreiyu Tsubasa Shinkansen

    Connecting Fukushima city in Fukushima Prefecture and Shinjo in Yamagata Prefecture, Toreiyu Tsubasa Shinkansen is probably the most awesome mini bullet train you can take in Japan, as it is filled with some luxurious surprises. It is widely popular as one of Japan’s luxury trains, and you should definitely try to take a ride on it during your visit!

    With a small extra charge alongside the train ticket, you can get to enjoy a nice foot bath in hot water as you travel. Additional features include a bar and specially designed tatami-floored compartments to give you a traditional experience.

    If you have purchased a travel pass from JR East, you can actually take this train without purchasing a ticket. The seats and the flooring inside the bullet train are designed in a way that gives you a feeling of home and comfort. This bullet train is known not only for its luxury amenities but also the amazing scenery that one can enjoy during their travels. The wooden tables and tatami flooring will give a feel of an amazing traditional Japanese manor!


    These two very unique bullet trains will, for sure, leave you spellbound with their amazing designs and their impressive speed. If you want to have a unique bullet train experience in Japan with your partner or family, you can take a ride on these ones, as they mix comfort, art, and views together for an absolutely unmissable experience!