Don’t Miss Out Music Festivals in Summer!

  • Unless you are a fan of Jpop you may not have heard much Japanese music outside of Japan, until recently that is. More and more Japanese artists are becoming popular in the west, with bands such as BABYMETAL and Kyary Pamyu Pamyu now doing world tours and gaining notoriety. Japanese music is growing so it’s a great time to go see what the country has to offer, and why not do it outside? Japan has many different music festivals to try, so why not go and experience a Japanese music festival?

    1. Sweet Love Shower


    Sweet Love Shower is an alternative music festival set up by Space Shower TV and this year is their 20th anniversary! The festival is held with a magnificent view of Mount Fuji across from Yamanaka-ko in the Fuji Five Lakes area. SLS usually is a showcase of both popular and up and coming rock and pop artists, such bands as Maximum The Hormone have played there too.

    Sweet Love Shower*Japanese Only

    2. Fuji Rock Festival


    The Fuji Rock festival is held yearly in Niigata prefecture and run by Smash Japan, this is the largest outdoor music festival in Japan! The festival was first held near Mt Fuji in 1997 which is how it was named, however, it has moved and been Naeba ski resort ever since. If you want to see both national and international bands playing all in the same place then head to Fuji Rock! You can stay in the ryokan, hotel or even camp to enjoy the full 3 days.

    Fuji Rock Festival

    3. Summer Sonic


    If you’d prefer a more urbanite festival than Summer Sonic may be for you. Featuring pop, punk and hip-hop Summer Sonic is run in two locations, Chiba and Osaka. Access to much easier than some of the other more rural festivals so you won’t need to camp and can keep all the luxuries of staying in a city while enjoying live music.

    Website*Japanese Only

    4. Greenroom Festival


    Greenroom Festival features not only music but art and cinema too, all held in the iconic red warehouse in Yokohama. Easy to access and a little smaller than some of the older festivals Greenroom focuses on beach culture and is easily accessible.

    Greenroom Festival

    These are just a small selection of the music festivals Japan has on offer, it is a truly unique experience. If you’re attending a music festival in the UK then you’ll be in for a surprise when attending one in Japan: orderly ques, clean toilets and healthy food are all on offer! Make sure to check out modern Japanese music culture on your next trip.

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