4 Japanese Women Who Were Included in the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017!

  • Every year, TC Candler & The Independent Critics produces the 100 Most Beautiful Faces List, which normally includes many celebrities and non-celebrities around the world. These people come from all walks of life, areas of the world, and professions, but are all famed for having gorgeous looks!

    As of 2017, four Japanese women were included in the list! This just proves that Japanese beauty is simply timeless. Let’s get to know each of these women!

    1. Sana Minatozaki


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    Sana Minatozaki is a 21-year old pop singer who was born in Osaka on December 29, 1996. Although Japanese, she was very interested in K-pop music. She’s actually one of the nine girls featured in the K-pop group “Twice”.

    Her career started when she was scouted on the street by JYP Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company. She then auditioned on April 13, 2012. Her career started when she was featured in the music video of GOT7’s “A”, and Junho’s “Feel”. She also appeared on Park Jin Young’s “Fire”, and Junho’s “Instant Love”. She is ranked as the 21st most beautiful face in the world!


    2. Satomi Ishihara

    Satomi Ishihara was born in Tokyo on December 24, 1986. She is a Japanese actress whose real name is Kuniko Ishigami. She is known for her role in Attack on Titan, The Movie: Part 1 and Part 2, where she portrayed the character of Hans. Her professional acting career began when she was just 17 years old. She never looked back since then.

    She devoted most her life to acting and has won several awards such as Best Actress at the 27th Japan Academy Prize and the 46th Blue Ribbon Award for My Grandpa. She has also become a regular fixture on the TC Candler List where she is ranked #34 for 2017. This is considered her fifth salute!


    3. Nana Komatsu

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    Nana Komatsu is a 21-year old actress who was born in Tokyo on February 16, 1996. Before being popular, she was already a popular Instagram account holder and a model. Her movie career started in a short film titled Tadaima. It is a film about a young girl who lost her family in the 2011 earthquake and a young boy she meets. Together, they visit the disaster area.

    She was awarded Rookie of the Year at the 2015 Japan Academy Prize Awards and Best New Artist in the 2014 Hochi Film Awards. She’s a newcomer who ranked 38th out of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces of 2017.


    4. Niki Niwa

    Niki Niwa is a half-Japanese, half-American fashion model who was first noticed on Instagram. She began posting many of her life experiences including food, travel, and modeling since 2013. She garnered many followers (more than 300,000 as of 2017), and earned sponsorships from various companies.

    Because of this, she was featured on several magazine covers and her first photo book which is being sold on Amazon. She made the list at #84 as one of the most beautiful faces in the world.


    These are four of the Japanese women who made it to the 100 Most Beautiful faces of 2017. Just by looking at their faces, they surely deserve a spot on the list! Who do you think will make it to the 2018 list this year?

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