3 reasons to love shopping in Japan!

  • Shopping in Japan is an incontestable pleasure and a marvelous experience. If one is looking for the last trend, for an astonishing numbers of choice and styles, from the most demanded brands with a highly qualified service, Japan, and especially Tokyo, should be a heaven for you.
    Here some of the reasons that explain how shopping in Japan is a unique experience.

    The shop staff

    Shop staff of the famous Japanese brands are usually pretty and have a very good taste for fashion. The more trendy the brand is, the more good-looking staff are employed. It is even usual to admire the clothes of the brand while it’s outfitted by these beautiful women. It is really interesting to see the clothes on a real model. Many brands have their own websites, including the staff’s blogs in which the shop staff is writing about the workplace, the new arrivals, the sale campaigns of the company. They even take pictures of differents combinations of clothes as references for the customers.

    2. Wrapping technics

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    Wrapping the clothes at a super fast speed is one of the many important skills of any Japanese staff. Even when there are no customers, they always go around fixing each hanger and the clothes so that the store always look neat and as perfect as possible. When the customer pays for their cart, the staff will carefully close the buttons, wrap them up, put them in a bag, then use a decorated paper tape to seal the bag. They usually fold one corner of the tape so that the customer can easily pull it off.
    There is usually a gift wrapping service for those who are thinking to give a very beautiful and well-presented gift to their beloved. The gift will be wrapped with many colorful layers. They will put a little card with the card of the shop inside in case the recipient need to be exchanged.

    3. Fitting Room

    The staff will follow you inside the fitting room, open and close the door for you, prepare your shoes so that when you step out of the room the shoes are right in front of you. They will give you a small bag and they ask you to use it (if you are a woman). What is that small bag?
    It’s a face cover, and you should totally use it if you are wearing makeup. Most Japanese women wear makeup so their mascara or lipstick can leave marks on the clothes, and that’s the reason why they invented this face cover, so that the store’s clothes are always in a perfect state.