3 Non-Creepy Handmade Japanese Dolls to Add to the Collection

  • I have always been attracted to Japanese dolls. They are not only very sophisticated but are also intricately made by Japanese artists. The dolls reflect the Japanese culture with their elaborately-designed Kimonos and their pale white complexion. What’s unique about these dolls is that they are handmade and it can take up to 1-2 years for each doll to be completely made. As a doll-lover myself, I would like to share the names of three of my favorite Japanese dolls.

    Ichimatsu dolls

    Also called “Ichima-san”, these dolls are famous among children especially girls and doll collectors as well. You can give this as a gift to a young girl or if you are a newly wed couple, you can also display this at home as it is believed that if you do so, you will be blessed with a healthy baby.

    Geisha dolls

    These dolls have slender features and very feminine poses. Artists that made these dolls always see to it that they look glamorous with their headdress matching their intricately designed kimonos. Some of them may be holding an umbrella or “parasol”, a lamp, or a Japanese fan which is also an important symbol in Japan.

    Hina dolls

    These dolls are displayed by Japanese families during “Hina Matsuri” ( Doll Festival) which happens every 3rd of March. The number of dolls in this collection can be up to 15 dolls but usually consists of at least two dolls – the Emperor (Odarisama) and Empress (Ohinasama). It takes about a year just to complete just the silk hair if made through traditional craftsmanship. The dolls are placed in a platform and they are dressed in many-layered kimonos. These authentic and traditional dolls can be found in Kyoto.

    If you are interested in buying dolls while you are in Japan, you can check out some of these links:

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