5 Fun and Creative Public Benches and Seats in Japan That Will Leave You in Wonder

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  • There are plenty of comfortable seating in train stations, parks, and other public spaces in Japan, however, there are only a few that make you wonder first before you take a seat. Here are five impressive, fun, and smart public benches and seats in Japan that you must check out!

    1. Love Love Bench

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    It is always nice to find an empty bench to have that quiet moment with your partner. However, not all are designed in a way that will bring out the romantic person in you. JR Shikoku, a well-known rail company in Japan, has come up with an idea to help lovebirds have a moment. Take a seat in the so-called “Love Love Benches” installed at the Ekawasaki and Tsubojiri stations present in Kochi and Tokushima prefectures, respectively, during your Shikoku trip. These stations are actually very small, and the benches are kind of isolated for you to be intimate.

    As for the design, these wooden plank benches look like someone hit them hard as they are bent exactly in the middle. And with gravity, the bench brings anyone sitting on the opposite edges together.

    Ekawasaki Station Access
    Tsubojiri Station Access

    2. Isola Calma

    You may have heard of Roppongi, a busy district in Tokyo known for modern architecture. If you take a walk down some of Roppongi’s streets such as Sakurazaka and Keyakizaka, you can find many public benches that were specially designed to give an aesthetic experience.

    If you want an enclosed space on the streets where nobody can notice you, or if you want to isolate yourself from the world for a while, then check out Isola Calma where the marble benches are obscured by walls.

    Isola Calma Website

    3. I Can’t Give You Anything But Love

    Another Roppongi street furniture that will surely mesmerize you is this ribbon-style bench. Designed by Uchida Shigeru, this steel bench painted in red looks captivating and makes you wanna take a seat.

    I Can’t Give You Anything But Love Website

    4. Chair disappears in the rain

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    Technically not a bench, this glass chair on the street in Roppongi looks cool as most of it is translucent. Created by Yoshioka Tokujin, this is probably one of the most interesting public seats you could ever find in Tokyo. Because of its glass material, the chair “magically disappears” when it rains.

    Chair disappears in the rain Website

    5. day-tripper

    Designed by the famous European design company, Droog, the “day-tripper” attempts to offer various sitting positions. It also has a bright print to catch people’s attention. A lot of research has gone into this street furniture and thus can be called “a true Roppongi masterpiece.”

    day-tripper Website

    What do you think of these fun and creative public seats in Japan? Would you want to try them out or stop by and take a picture? There are many other interesting and creative public design works scattered across the country, and you will surely notice at least a few during your trip.

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