Check Out These Stylish and Luxurious “Samurai Watches” From Japan!

  • Japan is notable for its luxury watches and is home to many high-end watch brands such as Seiko and Citizen. However, apart from those, did you know that you can also find exceptional watchmakers in Japan? They produce some amazing masterpieces that you would surely want to have in your watch collection. Check out one stylish and luxurious watch that incorporates Japanese history, culture, and the art of watchmaking!

    Seki City and Watchmaking

    You may have already heard of Oda Nobunaga who is revered by Japanese history pundits as one of the greatest feudal lords ever born. He exerted a great amount of influence over Japan in the 16th century by annexing many regions with an iron fist. He is so famous even today that you can find him in modern Japanese pop culture easily.

    Nobunaga reigned over the prefectures of Kyoto, Aichi, and Gifu of modern Japan, which have continued to be the center of samurai and warrior culture. Seki is one such city in Gifu that has been keeping the samurai tradition alive by manufacturing knives and other blades, which were once used quite extensively.

    If you want to buy a katana (samurai sword), or something else of your liking, Seki City is the place to be as it is widely known for its swordsmiths. However, the demand for such blades has been substantially decreasing due to various reasons – safety, government regulations, inflation, lack of public awareness and support, etc. Challenging the downward trend, there are some people who are trying to put Seki on the map again through other ways such as watchmaking.

    The Nobunaga Watch

    You can find a lot of samurai-inspired products in Japan, and watches are no exception. It seems that the effect of samurai culture on modern consumerism is going to stay alive for more years to come.

    Masayuki Otsuka is a watchmaker and the creator of the brand, MUSHA, who designed the Nobunaga Watch with Damascus steel – a very common material in blade making. Every little detail about this watch will make you wanna wear it – from its case shaped like Nobunaga’s coat of arms to its second hand that looks like a katana.

    The watch straps come in many colors and the designs were actually inspired by katana hilts. There are two types of straps: the braided type that can fit any wrist and has no holes, and the one that contains set holes with leather extracted from stingrays. Stingray skin items are some of the most expensive leather materials you can find in the market because of their attractiveness, especially their softness. The outer glass of this quartz watch is a scratch-resistant sapphire.

    Where to Buy

    The Damascus Watch “Nobunaga” with a braided strap comes in the colors black, red, blue, and olive, and sells for 38,586 yen. On the other hand, the watch with a stingray leather strap comes in black, orange, turquoise blue, and burgundy, and sells for 50,544 yen.

    Both are amazing pieces to have as they are sure to enhance your style immediately. If you want to have the rich legacy of Nobunaga and pride of Seki on your wrist, check out the page linked below. By getting these Nobunaga watches, you are also helping Seki maintain its tradition.

    Damascus Watch “Nobunaga” Website *Japanese only

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