Nabana-no-Sato: When Nature meets Technology!

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  • People often describe Nabana-no-Sato as the best and biggest illumination display in Japan. Located in Mie Prefecture, Nabana-no-Sato is a botanical garden famous by its broad flower exhibition. During winter until early spring time, the lights covers all the place with a magnificent winter illumination.

    The Flowers Area

    This place is a part of Nagashima onsen area. In the flower park itself, there are a tremendous numbers of flowers of different species in every season. The biggest show of flowers is the big hydrangea display. You can also see a carpet of cosmoses and dahlias in falls, and sakura in the springs and other flowers such as tulips, roses, and daffodils.

    Winter Illumination

    Winter illumination takes place from November until March. It changes the park with flowers into an aurora. Here, you can stroll around the paths through thousands of glowing lights. You also can see the tunnel of lights, the lake lighten up as during a sunset, and clouds of lights. Every year there are different themes of lights such as this year the theme is Niagara Falls, last year is Fuji Mountain and other themes. In Niagara Falls session, the huge scale of illumination has reached 20 meters in height and 120 meters in width. The tunnel itself uses 1.2 million light bulbs. With 200 meters in length, the tunnel had become the favorite attraction for visitors.

    Besides enjoying flowers and lights, this place also offers foot spa and beer garden. It will become good places for you to rest after long walking.

    Other Information
    Address: 270 Komae, Nagashima-cho, Kuwana-city, Mie Prefecture.
    Open time: 9.00 am – 9.00 pm
    Admission: the standard is 1,000 yen to 1,600 yen, but in winter is 2,300 yen.
    How to get there: The best point to get this place is from Nagoya. Take JR or Kintetsu train to Kuwana station. From Kuwana station, take a direct bus to Nabana-no-Sato. The bus runs every 30 minutes.

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