Is Tokyo the Best City to Live in?

  • There is no doubt that there are a lot of foreigners living in Tokyo, either they are working in that city or studying. Tokyo also has become the main destination for Japanese who think about an International career and dream of leaving their small town and choose Tokyo as a place to live. They have various reasons, from the city atmosphere, its modern style, the expanding tendency to live in a capital and a huge city. But is “should I live in Tokyo or not?” still a difficult question? A survey tried to prove that Tokyo is not the best city to live in. Many people choose other cities over Tokyo instead, as they consider other aspects such as natural environments, good school, and historical significance more important than Tokyo’s metropolitan convenience. They prefer some areas in the suburbs of Tokyo and other smaller cities. There are five best places to live in Japan according to the Japan Times such which include, Fujisawa (Kanagawa prefecture), Inagi City (Tokyo), Nishinomiya (Hyogo prefecture), Mitaka city (Tokyo), and Matsuyama (Ehime prefecture).

    But don’t worry! because Tokyo has a lot of things to offer, this city will never fail to make whoever lives in it feel alive. So if you have, or in the future, a plan to live in Tokyo, here are its attractive and inconvenient aspects.

    The Top 5 Attractive Aspects

    1. Big and chaotic

    As the capital of Japan, Tokyo looks chaotic and like a huge place to live in. It is good for those who like to live in a dynamic and always changing atmosphere. However, for people who are used to living in small cities, they may sometimes feel like they are lost in a world of giants.

    2. You can get everything you want

    In Tokyo, there are not just hundreds of restaurants, shops, bars, coffee houses, markets etc. there are thousands. You may live for years in Tokyo but still won’t know all of your surrounding places. And there are always new places to discover.

    3. Cultural diversity

    Many people live in Tokyo including foreigners. If you live in Tokyo you may enjoy the possibility of having friends from all over the world and you will improve your knowledge about other cultures. Living in a metropolis can teach us the cultural diversity and the need for tolerance to open our minds.

    4. There are concerts and performances every day

    You won’t feel a lack of entertainment in Tokyo. It is possible to find concerts and performances every single day. From popular and famous artists to the rich underground scene, you may enrich your musical knowledge at any moment.

    5. Good public transport

    Transportation in Tokyo is considered as one of the best in the world. Buses, trains, and taxis are always available. And it is a great experience to try the shinkansen for long distance travels.

    The 5 Inconvenient Aspects

    1. People are too busy or too focused on work

    Life can be hectic and people can be too busy. They sometimes miss many things in their life. You can feel that people living in Tokyo are too stressed all the time and occupied by their work.

    2. Sometimes things run more rigidly

    In Tokyo, you can feel that people are more rigid. Social rules and etiquette play a big role as cities are in general are the places where business and career opportunities flourish. In such a world, there is no place for people who sometimes just take it easy. For people living in big cities like Tokyo, it is a question of survival to be aware all the time and respect the rules.

    3. Trains are sometimes delayed or stopped

    Sometimes, trains are delayed, which can make you late for work or school. Living in a big city often means there are more accidents on train lines causing delays and line suspensions. But you shouldn’t worry about this too much as trains in Tokyo come every few minutes.

    4. Too crowded

    You really know that this city is crowded and busy. There are people everywhere. And you have to line up for every small thing.

    5. Police patrol too much

    There are many police patrols. Police offers sometimes stop foreigners for some unclear reasons. Sometimes the police will also check your belongings on the street.

    So what do you think? Is the big city the place for you? Do you enjoy hustle and bustle, convenience and a thriving atmosphere? Or do you prefer to be more at ease in a quiet and comfortable area?