Love Peaches? Don’t Miss the Limited Peach-Flavored Coca-Cola in Japan!

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  • When it comes to interesting food and drinks to try and buy, Japan is always number one. You are bound to find something unique just by walking into their convenience stores, supermarkets, and even their cafes or restaurants. Aside from water and other regular drinks, they also usually have strange-flavored drinks like cucumber Pepsi, lemon-flavored Coke, or Morinaga’s pancake-flavored milkshake. Some of these drinks stay on the shelves for quite a bit of time, while others are limited and have short-lived popularity.

    Recently, Japan has introduced yet another interesting drink for both their local and foreign customers to enjoy. If you like peach, you should definitely try the newest peach-flavored carbonated drink from Coca-Cola!

    Peach in Japanese Culture

    The peach is a widely popular fruit in Japan and is part of the Japanese culture. One of the most popular folktales in the country is about “Momotaro,” which literally means “peach (momo) boy (taro).”

    According to the legend, the boy came to earth through a giant peach, floating down the river where it was found by an old, childless woman. The woman took the peach home, and when she and her husband tried to open it, they found a child inside. The child told them that he was sent from heaven to become their son. The couple named the child “Momotaro” and loved him as their own. When the boy grew up, he set out on a journey to fight the band of “Oni” or demons and beat them into surrendering.

    Following the legend, Japanese people believe that the peach (momo) is a gift from heaven and has the power to ward off evil spirits. Festivals associated with peaches are held in Japan during Momo no Sekku (桃の節句; Peach Flower Festival), also known as “Hinamatsuri” or “Girl’s Day” that is usually held every 3rd of March. Another festival is the Momotaro Festival held in Okayama Prefecture and at Momotaro Shrine in Inuyama, Aichi Prefecture.

    Limited Coca-Cola Peach

    Coca-Cola always comes up with something interesting to offer its consumers. Coca-Cola Japan, in particular, has released several products and brands that captured the taste of both its local and foreign customers. They have their juice drinks, sodas, tea, and yogurt drinks, just to name a few. They keep developing and innovating products that always become a household name. On January 22, 2018, they launched their peach-flavored Coca-Cola drink, which will only be available for a limited time!

    Packaging and Product Overview

    Coca-Cola Peach will be available in two sizes: the 280ml bottle costs 115 yen (plus tax), while the 500ml bottle costs 140 yen (plus tax). The drink comes in a vibrant peach, pink, and red packaging – colors that match the upcoming Valentine’s Day in February and Hinamatsuri (wherein houses and shops are decorated with plum flowers and Hina dolls) in March. The 280ml bottle will be available in vending machines nationwide for a limited time as well.

    If you are a little adventurous in tasting new food and drinks or you simply love peach, try this limited Coca-Cola drink! Whether you end up liking it or not, it definitely makes for an interesting experience when in Japan.

    Coca-Cola Japan Website *Japanese only