Valentine’s Is Nearing! Here Are 3 Places in Japan Where You Can Buy Chocolates

  • Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and chocolates are must-haves to share with your loved ones and even your colleagues at work. Here is a guide on where you can get local and international chocolate brands for this special occasion in Japan!


    Japanese patisserie chain HENRI CHARPENTIER was established in Ashiya, Hyogo in 1969. Their famous specialty is Crêpe Suzette which is a flambéed crêpe.

    This Valentine’s 2018, HENRI CHARPENTIER is offering chocolate-flavored baked sweets. Chocolate financiers are sold at 150 yen a piece, 550 yen for 3 pieces, and 1,000 yen for 5 pieces. Their heart-shaped sablé that is said to bring happiness to both its giver and receiver will also have a chocolate variant. It costs 450 yen for 3 pieces and 900 yen for 6 pieces. Delicious chocolate macarons made with Colombian chocolate costs 1,200 yen for 8 pieces. They also have boxes of assorted baked goods – the small box costs 1,000 yen and the large box costs 2,000 yen.

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    France-based chocolatier JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN is celebrating its 30-year milestone this 2018, which is reflected in their Valentine’s collection. They are also debuting new flavors specially made for Valentine’s Day.

    Among the eight new bonbon chocolate flavors for Valentine’s 2018 are “Paris” and “Tokyo.” Paris was the first city where JEAN-PAUL HÉVIN opened and Tokyo was its first location overseas. By naming two flavors after these cities, it is as if they are sending their love and gratitude from Paris to Tokyo.

    Bonbon Chocolate Paris is a bitter chocolate-coated ganache, while Bonbon Chocolate Tokyo is a milk chocolate-coated ganache with an exotic flavor of pineapple. These bonbon chocolates come at 452 yen a piece (inclusive of tax).

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    Founded in 1910 in Belgium, WITTAMER has a long history of making pastries and chocolates of various kinds. It is a chocolate brand that has received the Belgian Royal Warrant. WITTAMER opened in Japan in 1990 and has 21 stores in department stores across the Kanto and Kansai regions.

    WITTAMER has six new flavors of ganache chocolates that are perfect to give this Valentine’s 2018. “Venezuela” is a dark chocolate ganache that has bitter cocoa blended with rich cocoa. “Earl Grey” is a milk chocolate-based ganache flavored with black tea and bergamot. “Java” is a vanilla-flavored milk chocolate with the aroma and bitter hint of coffee. “Poivre” (“black pepper” in French) is also a dark chocolate ganache with a subtle flavor of pink pepper. “Madagascar” is cacao with the bitterness and richness of dark chocolate ganache. And finally, “Passion” is a vanilla-flavored milk chocolate with a sweet and sour passionfruit purée.

    These new ganache chocolates come in different sizes of boxes and combinations of flavors. A box of 4 with one chocolate each of Java, Earl Grey, Passion, and Madagascar costs 1,512 yen. A box of 6 with one chocolate each of all the six new flavors costs 2,052 yen. A box of 9 with two pieces each of Venezuela, Earl Grey, and Passion, and one each of the other flavors costs 3,024 yen. A box of 16 pieces with four pieces each of Earl Grey and Passion and two pieces each for the other four flavors costs 5,076 yen. All prices are inclusive of tax.

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    These are just some of the patisseries and chocolatiers in Japan where you can get chocolates. Discover the joy of giving and eating chocolates this Valentine’s Day 2018!

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