Tokyo Tower’s Top Deck Offers a Whole New Viewing Experience of Japan’s Capital!

  • Tokyo Tower is undoubtedly one of the most popular tourist destinations and landmarks in Tokyo. Join the festivities as the tower celebrates the grand opening of its Top Deck this March 2018!

    Tokyo Tower Renovations

    Since October 2016, Tokyo Tower’s special observation deck has been closed due to renovations. The construction included the exterior and interior of the deck, as well as improvements on the advance booking system and other aspects of the visiting experience. The deck will also be renamed as the “Top Deck.”

    In September 2017, the main observation deck also started undergoing renovations but continues to be in operation. This deck will also be renamed as the “Main Deck.”

    Top Deck Tour

    This March 2018, the Top Deck Tour will let visitors have a hands-on experience at the Top Deck of Tokyo Tower. It has been designed to create a futuristic image of Tokyo and observation decks in general. Reservations are made in advance so you can enjoy the tour on your selected time and date without having to wait in line upon arrival. There will also be a multilingual voice guide system in 13 languages, a drink service, and a photo card included in the tour experience.

    To take the tour, proceed to the special Top Deck Lane on the first floor of FOOT TOWN. Here, you will show the QR code issued to you when you made the reservation. The tour begins once you have checked in. Make sure to arrive on time to participate in the tour!

    Tour participants will then be led to the Main Deck, which stands at 150 meters above sea level. At the second floor of the Main Deck, you will show your QR code once again to take the elevator to the Top Deck. Now, you can officially start your Top Deck Tour!

    At the Tower Gallery, you will learn about the history of Tokyo Tower. Old and new images of landmarks in Tokyo will also be on display. Moving from the Tower Gallery to the Top Deck platform is like moving through time, from the past to the future.

    At the Top Deck platform, you will see an image of modern Tokyo. Geometric mirrors and LED lights create a modern atmosphere and urban landscape. Take the time to listen to the audio guide as you go around this area. Languages available are Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Russian, Thai, Vietnamese, and Indonesian.

    Enjoy the panoramic view of Tokyo from the Top Deck, which is 250 meters above sea level. On a clear day, you may even see Mt. Fuji! Walking leisurely in the Top Deck will also make you feel as if you are floating in the sky!

    Tour Hours and Fees

    The Top Deck Tour costs 2,800 yen for adults ages 16 and above, 1,800 yen for elementary and junior high school students ages 7 to 15, and 1,200 yen for children ages 4 to 6. Tour hours are every 15 minutes from 9:00 in the morning to 10:15 in the evening, and takes about one hour to complete.

    Reservations for the Top Deck Tour can be made online starting January 23, 2018, and at the ticket counter on the first floor of FOOT TOWN after the Top Deck’s grand opening on March 3, 2018. Tickets purchased online can only be paid by credit card and tours can be scheduled as early as 60 days prior to your visit. Tour tickets provide a one-time access to both the Main Deck and the Top Deck.

    Be the first to experience the Tokyo Tower Top Deck Tour! It will be a great way to commemorate Tokyo Tower, especially with its 60th anniversary this 2018!

    Tokyo Tower Top Deck Tour Website
    Tokyo Tower Website

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