5 Interesting Facts about Yakult, the Popular Japanese Yogurt Drink!

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  • Yakult is a well-known name in Japanese households; it is a yogurt based drink obtained by adding specific probiotics to skimmed milk. It is also a very yummy digestive aid that people from all walks of life love.

    You can easily find them in any convenient store in Japan and they come in palm-sized bottles. They are also available in many countries around the world, and many people are familiar with them! Here are 5 interesting facts about Yakult that you should know!

    1. It’s Not Just Another Yogurt Drink

    Many people, unknowingly, often group Yakult with other yogurt based beverages you might see in a store. However, it is actually a modern invention pioneered by a microbiologist called Minoru Shirota in the 1930s. A lot of research has gone into making Yakult, which uses a unique type of powerful bacterium strain meant to have positive effects on your digestive system by killing unwanted harmful bacteria.

    This makes Shirota the first ever person to actually culture a probiotic strain of the breed Lactobacillus, which is mainly found in fermented products. Drinking Yakult can immediately reduce indigestion problems and adjust your intestinal pH levels.

    2. The Flavor is Simple

    If you have ever gone out to buy yogurt anywhere in the world, you will likely see hundreds of flavors with rich sugar content, fruit, or other extracts. Yakult, despite being in operation for more than 50 years, releases only one single type of drink in all the countries that it targets, except in Singapore and Japan where you can find fruit flavored versions.

    There is a low calorific version for diabetic and health conscious people called Yakult Light which contains sugar substitutes. The company is reinventing its brand with other products as well, such as Joie which is meant specifically for colon health.

    3. The Size of the Bottle is Small

    Many of us want to buy milk and other dairy products in excess or in large containers. However, Yakult intentionally makes its packaging small, and the reason is pretty simple. They are meant to be consumed immediately and not for storage.

    As you all know, dairy products can spoil easily when kept open for hours. However, after many requests from people overseas, Yakult started increasing the size of their bottles in some Asian countries.

    4. It’s Very Healthy

    Did you know that Yakult is one of the only drinks with no preservatives or fat? It also does not use sweeteners that are harmful to the body such as artificial fructose syrup. In fact, in its light version, it uses a very friendly sugar extract called Reb A which is found in substitutes such as Stevia.

    In countries such as the Philippines, the company has even released ads saying that their drink is good for weight reduction too. You can check out one of their ads here.

    Because of its live bacterium which has proved to be highly effective, some doctors recommend it for people with gut and colon problems, gluten allergies, and more.

    5. It Supports Sports Teams

    Yakult has branches in many countries and its products are seen as healthy, thus making it very popular. Apart from the regular business, the company also supports sports teams, especially in baseball.

    Tokyo Yakult Swallows is the official team owned by Yakult which is a part of Nippon Professional Baseball League with its headquarters in Kita-Aoyama. The company has also entered other markets such as cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and others, to diversify its brand.

    Yakult is definitely a brand that will continue to keep its positive image for many years to come. Have you tried Yakult before, and do you like its taste?

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