Check Out These 3 Cool Cafes in Shibuya with Free Internet!

  • Nowadays, many people visit cafes with the hope that they will be able to access free and fast internet there. Whether it be to browse the web, talk to a friend, or get on with some work, this has become an important consideration.

    You can find access to free WiFi in many places in Tokyo. Shibuya, being a major center of the city, has many cafes which offer it. Out of the many nice cafes in the shopping district, these 3 stand out for not only their good service but also their fast and free internet.

    1. Rakuten Cafe

    If you are looking for a place where you can walk in with your computer and surf online while sipping some amazing coffee, this is probably the best place to go in Shibuya. The reasons why you should visit this cafe are plenty, some of them being the brand image of the online giant ‘Rakuten’ and the super fast internet (approx 1 Gbps) which is available for absolutely no extra cost! This means you can browse much faster compared to many other public WiFi spots, which are usually much lower in terms of speed.

    The other cool thing about this cafe is the fact that it is just a short walk from the famous Shibuya Hachiko metro exit. Also, the presence of power outlets, together with lots of free e-books to download, makes it the best place for anyone to visit.

    Further to this, the food is just amazing with lots to choose from the menu including beer, tea, and snacks made with some quality ingredients. It also closes at 11pm, which is great for people who want to relax after work.

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    2. Freeman Cafe

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    Freeman Cafe is a smoker-friendly cafe where you can enjoy both your cigar and coffee at the same time, without any disturbance. It has a very large space inside with comfortable chairs, outlets and of course, free internet.

    Located in Metro Plaza, this is the perfect place to crash in with family or friends near the busy Shibuya station. It is perfect for people who would like to finish their last-minute presentations or focus on projects while enjoying the atmosphere.

    This cafe is also nice for someone who would like to have a quick lunch or dinner as it has many nice varieties of dishes to choose from, and not just coffee or desserts.

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    3. Hands Cafe

    Tokyu Hands is a giant building that sells various products from small tools or accessories to travel, beauty products, and more! If you want to relax after a nice shopping experience, you can head to the seventh floor of the building where hot coffee is served in a very relaxed ambiance. The Hands Cafe is unique because it is meant to look like a botany lab instead of a normal cafe.

    Even though you can find many power outlets in the cafe to charge your electronic devices while you savor their delicious food items served in nice designs, there are a couple of PCs available which can be used for free by customers.

    The WiFi is really good and the environment is cool, thus making it a great place for youngsters to hang out in. It can be accessed on foot easily from the Hachiko Exit of Shibuya Station because of its close proximity.

    You can also find branches of Hands cafe in Omotesando in Tokyo, Naha in Okinawa, Hiroshima, Umeda in Osaka, and other urban centers. They even have a Facebook page where you can find out their events and special holiday items which are delicious!

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    Apart from these aforementioned places, there are also many other cafes which are welcoming to their guests and have great facilities. The above three are convenient not only for their good facilities, but also in terms of their good location and general popularity. You can easily find them in Shibuya where you can spend some time on the net!

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