Enjoy Japanese Cotton Candy Like No Other at This Cute Candy Shop in Harajuku

  • The fashion street of Harajuku has many interesting shops where you can enjoy delicacies like no other. TOTTI CANDY FACTORY is very famous and crowded all the time because of its rainbow cotton candy, which you can’t find anywhere else. As you walk down Takeshita Street, just look for the pink building with a long queue at the door, and that is TOTTI CANDY FACTORY, a place for massive confection lovers!


    We all loved cotton candy as kids, and many of us still do because of its interesting look and sugary taste. The Japanese call it “wata-gashi” or “wata-ame,” and TOTTI CANDY FACTORY can be considered as the mecca for cotton candy lovers.

    With branches in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, TOTTI CANDY FACTORY is going places with its unique candy items. Their cotton candy is special as it’s rainbow colored and looks like something out of a fairy tale. Its size and taste are incomparable to other cotton candy, making it extremely popular among people of all ages.

    The prices of their cotton candy are reasonable, the most expensive being the rainbow-colored one at 900 yen. You can also order a heart-shaped cotton candy for 650 yen. If large-sized cotton candies are not your type, you can order a mini one for just 300 yen in a single color.

    Cake Pops and Other Sweets

    Apart from cotton candy, TOTTI CANDY FACTORY also offers cake pops and other sweets. Their cake pops are handmade and some are made in the shape of cute characters such as Rilakkuma. You can either buy them individually or in sets. Some of these pops are also available for purchase on their online store (Japanese only).

    As for the other sweets, you can buy gum, marshmallows, chocolates, etc. per gram. They also have limited or seasonal items, which attract more customers to the place.

    The Harajuku Store

    Out of all the TOTTI CANDY FACTORY stores in Japan, their Harajuku branch is probably the most special because of its captivating look. The shop has a cute exterior and bright interiors with special lights. It is in the same location as Etude House, and you can see people near the store savoring their cotton candies and taking pictures.

    Satisfy your cotton candy craving by visiting TOTTI CANDY FACTORY in Harajuku, or its other branches. You will definitely adore this place where you can find cotton candy that looks like a piece of rainbow in your hand!

    TOTTI CANDY FACTORY Website *Japanese only

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