Add a Stylish Twist to Your Gift Wrapping With the Japanese Furoshiki!

  • Christmas and New Year may be over, but the act of giving gifts isn’t! Whether it’s to celebrate a loved one’s birthday or to congratulate a colleague, gift giving plays an important role in gatherings. And while you can’t judge a gift by its wrapper, there’s nothing wrong with spending a significant amount of time making your gift wrapping as unique as possible. After all, special events don’t always happen. Might as well add some extra spice to make them even more memorable!

    Stylish Japanese Furoshiki

    Furoshiki is nothing new and if you’ve visited Japan, you probably have seen some locals use it to wrap common items like bento (Japanese lunch boxes) and clothing. Aside from its portability, its versatility proves to be highly convenient, too! With the appropriate wrapping style or technique, you can fit lots of things in it!

    More importantly, with the variety of furoshiki cloth designs available in the market, you can choose whichever fits your personal taste. From the more feminine floral prints to the generic lines and patterns, you’re free to take your pick based on your intended purpose.

    Furoshiki for Gift Wrapping

    Why settle for the common gift bags or wrapping paper when you have a more unique option? Japanese furoshiki is your next best alternative when looking for something casual yet attractive to wrap your gifts with. From wine bottles, accessories, flowers, and the like, there’s a fit wrapping technique that will securely hold your present.

    Here are some creative ways to use furoshiki in gift wrapping:

    • Apple wrap – an effective style for holding gift items with a circular or oval shape such as fruits, souvenirs, and display objects
    • Bird wrap – efficient for holding bigger objects like shoes, utensils, wall clocks, and even footwear
    • Card wrap – specifically made for wrapping greeting cards or letters
    • Flower wrap – used to hold a bouquet or a single flower; designed to protect the stems while allowing the flowers to breathe
    • Two books carry wrap – fit for wrapping books and other gifts with a square or rectangular shape
    • Bottle carry wrap – specifically made to hold gifts in bottles like wine, condiments, etc.
    • Long object wrap – great for wrapping long items such as canes and rolled paintings
    • Padding carry wrap – can be effective for wrapping consumable presents like cakes and other food items
    • Two-knot carry wrap – efficient for wrapping rectangular-shaped objects with a longer length such as a set of paint brushes, pens, or collectible chopsticks

    Depending on the size of your gift, you may want to explore various sizes of furoshiki cloths. Ideally, an effective wrap would only require a single cloth, but if you feel like combining two to make the gift even more stunning, you’re free to do so. There’s a whole list of furoshiki wrapping techniques to explore! Pick your gift, select a wrapping style, and amaze your loved ones with a fashionable, Japanese-inspired cloth wrap!