Learn About Bitcoin the Fun Way with This Unique Idol Group in Japan!

  • Bitcoin has taken over the world in recent years, and some people across the world are investing heavily in it due to its exponential growth. With the world becoming more and more reliant on and focused on digital technology, bitcoin is quickly filling a gap in the marketplace.

    However, there are many people who have heard about bitcoin but may not be so sure how it works. To make people understand the benefits of cryptocurrencies, a fascinating all-female idol group from Japan try to coach people through it in their performances!

    Virtual Currency Girls

    Cryptocurrencies have gained so much popularity in recent years and for many reasons, one being that its monetary value depends on external factors rather than the performance of your individual country. This means it is an independent currency whose interests are guarded by no financial institution and are subjected to different kinds of future risks.

    However, efforts to make them regulated or controlled may encourage people to invest in it without fear of risks. There is a necessity now to encourage people to learn about the cool virtual currencies which are surely going to keep influencing the way we make transactions for many years to come.

    Instead of blindly investing in Bitcoin, Ether or any other growing virtual currencies, one must educate themselves properly and be responsible with their finances. In order to do so, a very young idol group named ‘Virtual Currency Girls’ has begun to do live shows. They invite people to attend by buying tickets with any of the top virtual currencies, and promise to inform audiences about the ins and outs of bitcoin!


    The girl’s band consists of 8 members, out of which six of them are under 25 while little information is available about the rest. The funny thing about this band is that every member wears a mask that showcases which cryptocurrency they are representing. So, each person is an alter-ego of the top virtual currencies that are being traded in Japan!

    As you may know, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin (BTC) are the hottest right now in the market and are represented by band members Naruse Rara and Hinano Shirahama, who are aged 18 and 16, respectively. The other major currencies are neo (NEQ), nem (XEM), cardano (ADA) and ripple (XRP), which are personified by the following girls in respective order: Suzuka Minami (22), Koharu Kamikawa (17), Kanako Matsuzawa (17) and Hinata Kozuki (15). The other members are Ami Amo who has taken the role of educating about another top-notch coin named Ether (ETH) and the last member Momo Aisu who targets monacoin (MONA).

    Cinderella Academy

    Cinderella Academy is a music staffing company which forms bands and elevates them to be superstars. They are the ones behind the formation of the Virtual Currency Girls, which has been attracting the attention of the world media lately. These girls have become the talk of the town in the bitcoin world, from bitcoin overlords to amateur fans praising them.

    The things they convey are simple, which are to be hopeful about the virtual world and to be aware of the benefits you can enjoy through each of the represented currencies. Apart from the educational message they propagate through their lyrics, these girls are actually very good at singing, and you can find them in another famous group called ‘Zodiac Constellation’.

    You may argue that this kind of band might encourage people to choose the path of wrong investments, but the currencies it represents are actually very well-studied and are expected to be stable and grow steadily in the coming years according to the lead member Naruse.

    Will you attend one of their live shows in Japan to get yourself some understanding about the leading cryptocurrencies? Or will you give it a pass? Either way, this band has already created a name for themselves as the first ever band to actually sing about bitcoins!

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