Shop, Eat, and Have Fun at These 2 Glorious Landmark Malls in Namba, Osaka!

  • Osaka’s major downtown area in the south, Namba, is a place that will surely raise your eyebrows. It has everything from modern architecture to nicely lit streets and temples. There are two malls which look glorious and boast many interesting shops, international cafes and restaurants, thus making them ever attractive to not only locals but also visitors.

    Check out these two huge malls in Namba which are highly popular, and are considered to be two of the most top rated places to visit in the whole area!

    1. Namba Hips

    With a striking exterior which embraces a captivating design resembling a punctuation mark, Namba Hips has everything you want including pachinko slots, karaoke bars, restaurants offering international cuisines, and many more things for your amusement. The best thing about this mall is that there are some outlets that never close, even during the late hours.

    Apart from the regular crowds, the mall is also a hot favorite among sports enthusiasts because it has an indoor golf course and an archery range where they can practice for a cheaper price compared to that of major sports clubs. There is also a sports bar dedicated to those people who would like to relax after their practice!

    Visitors can also chill out at the mall’s other exotic line of bars and restaurants and have a great dining or drinking experience. This is not one of those boring malls, and will surely make you want to stay all day long, as it has something for everybody irrespective of age or gender.

    The underground of the mall, which has two basements, and the first two floors of the building are meant for gambling or gaming, while the entire third floor is for karaoke. From there, the fourth level has a restaurant, while the fifth, sixth and seventh have a darts bar, a golf hall, and a gym, respectively. The higher levels, from eight to ten, have different styles of restaurants that you can check out!

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    2. Namba Parks

    Have you ever seen a mall which is committed to being environmentally friendly rather than just faking it, in the middle of a huge city filled with concrete settlements? Yes, Namba Parks is one such rare oasis where you will be stunned by not only the amazing architecture but also the huge collection of approximately 300 species of plants which you may not see anywhere else.

    Upholding its name, the mall has a terraced park that contains 70,000 saplings spread around ponds and cascades, thus making you connect to nature as you shop. The mall has been even named by many international organizations as one of the most beautiful malls in the world with an unrivaled rooftop garden. The mall is frequented by mostly youngsters as it has gardens, restaurants, clothing stores and many more places.

    If you are looking for western cuisine in Osaka, this is definitely the mall you should head to. There are numerous cafes and diners where you can have a nice coffee or meal. Many shops here even offer tax exemptions to international travelers who would like to purchase items!

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    How to Get to the Malls

    Namba Station is the main stopover for you to be able to reach these two malls. However, the walking time may vary depending on which rail company you are using for your commute and which exit you will take at the station.

    For example, the Kintetsu Rail is a small local company whose station is a bit closer (3 minutes) to Namba Hips compared to the Nankai line. Namba Parks can also be reached by either of the following lines: Nankai, Midosuji, JR Kansai Main. However, Nankai is the best line to use to access the Parks because of its direct passage.

    If you would like to have a great shopping experience in Osaka, the aforementioned malls are the best bet. These are also a great refuge from the busy lifestyle of the metropolis!

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