Fall in Love With Japan by Visiting These 5 Incredible Nature Spots!

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  • People say that vacations are not complete without a trip into nature. Hiking on steep paths, camping in the mountains, or even the simple act of watching the beautiful sunset at a lakeside are some of the worthwhile things to do to celebrate the beauty of nature.

    Japan is home to some of the most pristine natural spots in the world and has many must-visit sights for nature lovers. While you’re enjoying the country’s delectable cuisines and stunning city treats, be sure to take a detour and visit the following 5 amazing places!

    1. Kenroku Garden in Ishikawa

    Known to be one of the ‘three most beautiful landscape gardens’ in Japan, this place boasts a variety of plants and flowering trees along with bridges, tea houses, and lots of strategic viewing sites to enjoy its full grandeur.

    The garden was originally developed by the Maeda clan between the years 1620 and 1840. The place also has streams and ponds that complete the serenity of the place. The best thing is you don’t have to worry about when you should visit the area. Kenroku’s flowering trees change as seasons pass, offering different shades of beauty all year round!


    2. Narusawa Ice Cave in Yamanashi

    Mt. Fuji might be a real sight to behold, but never underestimate the equally enchanting sites surrounding it! Narusawa Ice Cave is what you could call a real-life ice kingdom with the gorgeous build up of ice inside the cave that remains frozen all year.

    The cave was naturally formed during one of Mt. Fuji’s eruptions over a thousand years ago so you shouldn’t expect a totally comfortable stroll, as there are winding trails throughout. In fact, you’ll have to physically prepare yourself for some crouching, bending, and even crawling as you circle the whole cave!

    It’s a wonderful discovery that only lasts for around 30 minutes, but you’ll have to be physically ready to brave the adventure!


    3. Akiyoshi Limestone Cave in Yamaguchi

    While we’re on the subject of caving escapades, be sure not to miss this spot which is considered as the largest and most beautiful limestone cave in Japan!

    Only one kilometer of Akiyoshi Limestone Cave is accessible to the public (out of a total of nine kilometers), but it’s enough to reinvigorate your love for nature travel! It is said to house six different types of bats and is notable for its stunning and bizarre rock formations which most likely have their origins in erosion and change in water flow from the past millennia.

    Its ‘One Hundred Plates’ that closely resemble rice paddies are a must-see, along with the limestone pool that flows through the cave!

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    4. Beppu Chinoike Jigoku in Oita

    Yes! A hot spring! Now, before we get too excited and decide to take a dip, be warned that Chinoike Jigoku, which literally translates to ‘Bloody Hell Pond’, is not for bathing. Its 78-degree Celsius temperature will kill you!

    Despite how deadly it seems, this spot is still worth a visit with its unique look and composition, as well as its history. The base of the pond is rich in iron oxide, which explains the mysterious reddish color of the water.

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    5. Takachiho Gorge in Miyazaki

    How else can you make yourself feel refreshed than with a view of some majestic high cliffs, vivid greenery, and the pristine look of water trickling through rocks as you pass by the narrow chasm on board a pleasure boat?

    The gorge is said to have been created from the lava of Mt. Aso. You can rent a small boat to scale the river or walk the trails to enjoy the view from above. If you have time, why not try both?


    It’s easy to fall in love with Japan. But its stunning natural sites are the real deal-breaker. They never grow old and always have a unique way of revitalizing the energy we may lose from our increasingly busy lifestyle.

    Whether you are a nature lover or not, it pays to visit the sites we have mentioned on this list! Explore their beauty and let us know your favorite!