Try Out These 2 Amazing Pringles Flavors in Different Regions of Japan!

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  • We all love snacks, especially potato chips! In Japan, you have a huge range of snacks and chips to choose from in any convenience store. However, some brands are now trying to introduce tasty and exotic flavors to entice people’s taste buds in such a big market!

    Potato chip snack brand Pringles has a knack for creating a variety of flavors. Don’t miss out on these two region limited flavors you can only get in Japan!

    1. Pringles Takoyaki

    Takoyaki is a staple summer festival food. This Japanese snack originated in the Kansai region and first became popular in the city of Osaka. It is sometimes called “Octopus balls” and the “tako” in its name means octopus.

    Aside from octopus, its main ingredients are the flour-based batter and tempura scraps (tenkasu). It is cooked on teppan plates made specifically for takoyaki. It comes in bite-sized balls best eaten when freshly cooked. The takoyaki balls are brushed with takoyaki sauce, glazed with mayonnaise, and topped with dried bonito shavings.

    Pringles has introduced this delicious takoyaki taste in a conveniently small package that makes it perfect to bring along as souvenir or snack for short trips. It comes in a small box containing 3 sets of 53g cans. The box packaging features images of popular destinations in the Kansai Region such as Tsutenkaku Tower in Osaka, Kobe Port Tower, and Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto.

    Pringles Takoyaki boxes cost 600 yen (exclusive of tax) and can be found in the Kansai region which includes Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo, Nara, Wakayama, and Shiga prefectures. It was first released in December 2016.

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    2. Pringles Sukiyaki

    Sukiyaki is a Japanese hot pot dish commonly served in winter. Its main ingredients are thin slices of beef, vegetables such as Japanese leeks, shiitake mushrooms, tofu, and shirataki noodles. Sukiyaki is known to have two cooking styles, Kanto style, and Kansai style. Kanto style uses warashita, a soup base combining shoyu, or soy sauce, sugar, sake, and mirin. Kansai style does not use warashita and cooks the meat first before seasoning it with sugar and soy sauce.

    Now, you can enjoy the sweet and salty taste of Pringles Sukiyaki. Similar to Pringles Takoyaki, the Sukiyaki variant also comes in a small box containing 3 sets of 53g cans. The box packaging features Lake Ashi and Mt. Fuji in Kanagawa, and Tokyo Tower.

    Pringles Sukiyaki is also priced at 600 yen (exclusive of tax), in the Kanto Region which includes Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, Kanagawa, Ibaraki, Tochigi and Gunma prefectures. It will be available in stores from January 30th, 2018!

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    Other Flavors

    Pringles also offers other flavors available nationwide such as Hawaiian Loco Moco, Butter Soy Sauce, and Grilled Herb Chicken. Other recent flavors are Pringles Cheese Gratin which came out as a limited flavor for autumn and winter 2017. It follows other popular cheese flavored variants such as Four Cheese which was released in 2016 and Mayo Cheese which is a limited flavor released in early 2017.

    Those craving a spicy variant will love the Jalapeno and Onion flavor which was launched in the first quarter of 2017. Pringles has also released their regular flavors in seasonal packages inspired by Winter Sports or Summer Obon Festival, among many other creative packaging ideas!

    Pringles is sold in 140 countries worldwide and started selling its products in Japan in 1994. It continues to produce limited and regular varieties of chip flavors which are always well-received and sought after in the countries in which they are sold.

    Grab the region-limited Pringles Takoyaki and Sukiyaki! Remember your visit to the region as you eat and share your pack of Pringles!

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