Find Out About This Japanese Artist Who Paints Pictures Using Microsoft Excel!

  • In Nagano, Japan, there is a unique artist by the name of Tatsuo Horiuchi. What makes his work exceptional is the fact that Horiuchi creates beautiful paintings using Microsoft Excel. Yes, you read that right!

    This 77-year-old Japanese man found another use for Excel, the basic computer program which is usually intended for graphs and reports. Horiuchi cracked the code and turned functionality into creativity, and the end result is absolutely stunning!

    Tatsuo Horiuchi

    This guy makes all his art on excel!!! It’s beautiful 😍 #tatsuohoriuchi

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    Horiuchi started using Excel to paint back in 2000. This was sometime after his retirement. He wanted to paint but he was not willing to spend an arm and a leg for the expensive paints and tools that traditional painting required.

    Given this dilemma, he turned to his desktop computer to experiment. In the year 2000, there were already a lot of art programs which he could have downloaded or installed, but again, that would have cost him money. Horiuchi was determined to not spend anything on the project he had envisioned. Therefore, he used whatever he had on his computer at that time. That program happened to be Excel.

    Turning Spreadsheets into Art

    Horiuchi began by using the line tool and the bucket tool. The line tool is typically used for spreadsheet graphs but Horiuchi uses this particular tool to create basic shapes like mountains and trees. As for the bucket tool, Horiuchi uses this to color in the shapes with subtle shading.

    Of course, the level of artistry that can be found in his current paintings was not achieved overnight. It took a lot of experimenting and patience, especially because no one had done this before and so there was no guidelines or manuals to follow! However, Horiuchi had a goal. In the 10 years from 2000, he wanted to be able to show people ‘something decent’ from his artwork. Fast forward to 2010 and he has definitely reached his goal. You could even say he has surpassed it.

    When Horiuchi first started painting using Excel, people around him were skeptical. They called him a ‘fool’ for being so serious about a hobby that seemed to be useless and a waste of time. Of course, now we can safely say that he proved them all wrong. Armed with just a desktop computer, a basic program, and a regular printer, Tatsuo Horiuchi has redefined graphic art.

    Horiuchi’s Achievements

    Nossa dica para este final de semana vai para o artista japonês Tatsuo Horiuchi que cria telas usando apenas o Excel. Parece inusitado, mas é isso mesmo. Horiuchi, de 77 anos, não apenas consegue desenhar uma porção de objetos no software como também produz pinturas completas com ele. . O trabalho dele é colorido e detalhado, parecendo à primeira vista algo impossível de se realizar em um software cujo foco são números e cálculos. O artista, entretanto, utiliza ferramentas de criação de gráficos e formas simples existentes no software e que permitem um desenho livre. . Com comandos de cor, ele preenche as formas e aplica efeitos como degradé e sombreado. Horiuchi imprime o resultado em folhas grandes, que depois junta para formar uma tela. Arte que merece ser compartilhada, não é mesmo? Deslize as fotos e conheça algumas de suas obras! #art #excel #Japão #TatsuoHoriuchi #inspiration #paisagens #pinturas #telas #instaart

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    Tatsuo Horiuchi should be applauded because he is an innovative man. Whereas most people would look at Excel and use it as it was designed, Horiuchi looked at it and thought “I could probably paint with that”.

    Here is a man who is not afraid to experiment and to stretch the limits of a tool so that it could suit his needs. In my opinion, Tatsuo Horiuchi is a true artist because he could see what no one else could. He could see not only the surface but also the potential of a tool.

    As of present, many people have reached out to Horiuchi to buy his artworks, and since 2014, he has partnered with Spoon & Tamago, a shop featuring Japanese art and design. Spoon & Tamago is now the sole distributor of his work outside Japan.

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