Discover Gifu prefecture in Summer!

  • GIFU
  • If many of you are still unaware where Gifu is, this city is located in Chubu region in Central Japan, closed to Nagoya. With total area of 202.89 km2 and population around 412,895 this city has many interesting things to offer. Moreover, there are different things that Gifu offers in each season. There are particular things that you can enjoy in summer. So what are they?

    1. Gujo dance

    Gujo dance takes place during 30 nights from July until September. Many people come to Gujo city to enjoy and participate in this dance. They are dressed in Yukatas, and wear geta (traditional Japanese sandals made of wood). Tourists from outside mingle with the locals to dance together. This dance is designed not to watch but to participate together. People dance all night long until morning hours.

    2. Cormorant Fishing in Nagara river

    Cormorant fishing in Nagara river has played a vital role in the history of Gifu. It is a 1300 years old tradition in which the fishing masters use cormorant to catch the fish. This tradition began as a way of people to get the livelihood for the families. Each night cormorant fishing would start when the three fires were lit up.
    There are different options to see cormorant fishing. You can contact Cormorant Fishing Viewing Boat Office or rent a private boat that can accommodate 15-50 people. Normally a boat is boarded around 6.30 pm and will return to the docks by 8.30 pm. People are allowed to bring food and snacks onto the boat.

    3. Norikura Skyline

    Mount Norikura is located in the southern part of Northern Japan alps. You can travel the mountain by Norikura skyline. This skyline is an expressway to enjoy the nature’s beauty. Kengamine is the highest point of skyline which can be reached from the end of skyline by foot in one and a half hour. You can have a majestic view from above the clouds around there. Personal vehicles are not allowed around skyline, but you can take a taxi or a bus from Honoki Parking area or Akandana Parking area.