Do You Know About This Shrine in Kyoto Where You Can Pray for Your Relationships?

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  • When people go to pray at a shrine or temple, it is usually a given that they would ask for positive things such as blessings or good fortune in their lives. However, did you know that there is a shrine in Kyoto that is widely reputed for being extremely effective in enkiri (縁切り) i.e. cutting the bad relationships in your life? Read on to find out about this unique shrine and what it can do to help you restore order in your life!

    Enmusubi vs. Enkiri

    First of all, let us understand the concepts of enmusubi (縁結び) and enkiri. “Enmusubi” literally means “the establishment of good relationships and ties with the people and things in your life.” In particular, those looking for luck in romance and marriage would seek out the famous enmusubi shrines nationwide in order to find that right person and hope that the relationship would turn out well.

    On the other hand, there are bound to be messy or toxic relationships with certain people and things in your life such as illnesses, bad habits, alcohol, cigarettes, gambling addiction, etc. which you would love to cut off. This is where the enkiri shrines can help as you can then pray to be cut off from these people and things. Although the concept of enkiri seems to have a negative connotation, this is sometimes necessary so as to remove the unpleasant interpersonal relationships and undesirable things affecting you and to restore order in your life.

    Yasui Konpiragu (安井金比羅宮) to the Rescue

    If you are facing problems in your interpersonal relationships and cannot kick your bad habits, you should definitely consider paying a visit to Yasui Konpiragu located in the Higashiyama Ward of Kyoto City (京都市東山区). Actually, Yasui Konpiragu is not only known for its enkiri powers but also its enmusubi powers. However, it is relatively rare to hear of a shrine promoting its prowess in enkiri so even if you have no intention to cut off anyone or anything from your life, it will still be an intriguing idea to pay a visit to this place just to observe how others do it.

    The shrine was established during the Asuka period (飛鳥時代) by Fujiwara no Kamatari (藤原鎌足) with the name Fujidera (藤寺) i.e. the Temple of Wisteria, which was meant to be used for the prosperity of his clan. Over the years, the shrine had undergone various changes such as being rebuilt after a fire during the Onin War and being moved from Ukyo Ward in Kyoto City to its current address.

    Following the Meiji Restoration, the name of the shrine was changed from Yasui Jinja (安井神社) to its present name. The deities enshrined here include the 75th Emperor Sutoku (崇徳天皇), Prince Minamoto no Yorimasa (源頼政), and Oomononushi no Kami (大物主神). Besides being well known for enmusubi and enkiri, people seeking maritime and traffic safety such as those engaged in fishing or marine sports should pray to Oomononushi no Kami who is believed to be a god of guidance on the road and marine traffic.

    The first ema (絵馬) i.e. votive tablet gallery, named Konpira Emakan (金比羅絵馬館), was opened in 1976 at Yasui Konpiragu.

    How to Offer Your Prayers

    Within the compound of the shrine, you will see a giant rock named the Enkiri Enmusubi-ishi (縁切り縁結び碑), which is shaped like an ema measuring 1.5 meters high and 3 meters wide. The crack in the middle of this rock symbolizes the power of good pouring into whoever goes through the hole.

    Before praying for enmusubi or enkiri, you will have to pay your respects at the main inner sanctuary. Proceed to get the katashiro (形代) for 100 yen which is meant as a representation of yourself and write your wish on it. Some examples quoted on the shrine’s website include “Please let me marry ◯◯ and have a happy marriage,” or “Please end the adulterous relationship between my husband and his lover.”

    With your katashiro in hand, go through the hole in the rock from front to back while reciting your wish in mind. Repeat the same action but go through the rock this time from back to front. End the process by sticking your katashiro onto the rock anywhere you wish.

    As seen in the photo above, there have been so many wishes made to date that the katashiro slips have covered the rock entirely. As the premises are open 24/7, you can make your wish anytime but note that the shrine’s office is only open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM, so you may need to get your katashiro in advance.

    For those who are interested, you may also purchase an enkiri and enmusubi amulet set, which is considered a rare souvenir since most shrines only have the enmusubi amulets for sale.

    After reading so much about Yasui Konpiragu, how about paying a visit here during your trip to Kyoto and removing the negative elements from your life?

    Yasui Konpiragu Website

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