Catch a Movie at These 3 Unique Movie Theaters in Japan!

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  • Watching movies in a theater rather than on a TV is something every one of us would like to do once in a while to ensure the best experience! In a country which produces wonderful anime such as Your Name, and interesting live fantasies such as Tokyo Ghoul, you are missing out on a lot if you haven`t faced the silver screen yet.

    Out of the many cool theaters in Japan which provide an unforgettable visual experience, these 3 theaters stand out like diamonds as they are some of the most unique ones that you will find in the entire country!

    1. Let’s Cinepark

    If you are a couple looking for a cozy theater where you can watch your favorite movie and be close and warm, you should plan an evening at Let’s Cinepark in Saitama, a nice and calm prefecture close to the capital. Usually, the most comfortable thing you could find in any decent movie theater is probably a recliner or a sofa style seat. However, Let’s Cinepark has something very cool to offer, and that is ‘kotatsu’.

    As you may already know, kotatsu is usually found in many Japanese homes and restaurants, and it has nothing but a thick futon with an electric heat generator underneath for a cold winter day. You can find rectangular box-shaped cushy seats with a kotatsu in the middle. It will give you a home feel as you can watch a movie as if you are still in bed. If you would like to chill out in these premium kotatsu boxes, you have to head to Tokorozawa, a beautiful residential center easily accessible from Tokyo.

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    2. Uplink X

    Uplink X is yet another surprising cinema theater which is mentioned in many global travel news channels as one of the tiniest theaters in the world and is the smallest theater in Japan according to the theater industry.

    It deserves the title as it has just 40 seats, and some of them move during your movie, thus giving you a unique experience. For those of you who want to find cool stuff in Tokyo, this Shibuya theater is surely worth going to! Opened in the late 1980’s as a small company with an intention to produce movies, this theater has cool vibes and a nice atmosphere.

    When visiting Uplink X, you can chill in not only the movie space but also the commercial space where you can eat and shop comfortably. It is a perfect stop if you would like to spend a whole evening in Tokyo in an entertaining and relaxing manner.

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    3. Laputa Asagaya

    If you are a fan of Ghibli, you can actually find some places in Japan which are movie-like, and Laputa Asagaya is one that is located in the Japanese capital. If you are an 80’s or 90’s kid, you must have heard of or seen Ghibli’s epic fantasy, Laputa: Castle in the Sky, which helped Studio Ghibli make a mark in the field of cinema.

    Aside from the interiors, the basic look of the movie hall building is designed in a way to attract all Ghibli fans, as it is in the form of Laputa, a mystical levitating island filled with several wonders first mentioned in the evergreen classic Gulliver`s Travels, and later used by the famous Japanese artist and creator of Studio Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki.

    The theater has a unique feel to it and it is one of the oldest ones in the Asagaya neighborhood. It is one of those old-school theaters where non-digital movie projectors are still in use. There is also an applaudable restaurant on the premises that you can go to after finishing the movie!

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    These 3 unique movie theaters are there for you to visit if you are based in and around the prefecture of Tokyo. You can not only book your tickets to relax and watch your favorite movies but also admire the ambiance and special experience of these theaters.

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