What makes Japan so addicting?

  • Ever wondered what is so addicting about Japan? If you experienced staying in Japan, you’ll know the feeling of longing to stay there again. Even people who haven’t been there yet, get just so hook to the thought of Japan.

    I’ve asked people around me some questions. My family, relatives, friends, and neighbors to be exact. Some have stayed in Japan and some not, I also considered my own opinion. I asked them and myself the question “What makes Japan so addicting?” And this article is the answer (in no particular order) why people get captivated by the thought of Japan.

    1. Food

    This is the most common answer you can encounter when you asked what makes Japan so addicting. Well, no one can ever argue with that because we all know that Japanese cuisine is really that addictive. I can personally say that there’s something about the Japanese food that will make you crave for more.

    2. Technology

    Certainly! Technology in Japan is well renowned around the world. Most of their technology is prominent compared to the other countries because of its efficiency. Some people even bother buying gadgets from Japan even though they reside in another country.

    3. Traditions

    Japanese traditions are incredibly unique. Many are left amazed by how the Japanese people preserved their customs. Thus, this is one of the reasons why Japan is addictive. It may sound a little too much for some people but when you experience it, no doubt that it will leave you wanting more.

    4. Work

    Actually, this is for the people who have already experienced working in Japan . For some reason, it really attracts me. My mom and dad worked there for 7 years and they guarantee that working in Japan is really worth it because you what you work for gets paid off.

    5. Environment (Attractions, Surroundings and Ambiance)

    The environment is beyond comparison. Japan is one of the countries that values purity and orderliness. From the clean and comfy surroundings down to the bright city night lights, it is really something. The mesmerizing tourist attractions of Japan such as the Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Skytree, Kinkaku-ji, Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan, Universal Studios Japan, Disney Resort, and so much more will make you want to stay. It is their topmost magnet. Also, the ambiance of Japan is an impact to the environment. It is not just about the beauty of their nature or surroundings, but it also has something to do with the atmosphere of being enthralled. In fact, the environment of Japan alone is enough to make you wanna go back.

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